What is a blood witch?

A blood witch is a witch that uses blood magic. Basically they drink the blood of a human to get power, they predominately use babies and infants as the younger the blood more powerful. It is considered more powerful than Bone magic.

Setting the Record Straight

The term "blood witch" has two basic meanings.

The first is - any practitioner of magic who uses blood (their own or the blood of others including animals or other humans) in the practice of their magic.

- Not all blood magic is as ominous as it sounds, for example; Blooding a blade or candle - adding a drop pf your own blood to the oil used to anoint the object- is considered blood magic and all it does is enhance the bond between the practitioner and the object.

- Blood is one of the most powerful essences of life and has many legitimate uses.

- However, the idea of witches draining the blood from sacrificial animals or "virgins &/or babies" is part of the negative propaganda used by some of the old organised religions to cast aspersions on practitioners of the more ancient Paganism paths.

- The ideas do however linger today as they make for wonderful, frightening and imaginative fodder for the people who write fiction, create computer games and make movies.

The second and more commonly used meaning of "blood witch" describes a practitioner of any of a large number of pagan spiritual paths who has come to their knowledge via a "family tradition" or a "blood-line."

- It is not necessary for a modern day practitioner to have a family tie to their spiritual path, although it certainly can be helpful.

- Most neo-pagan paths have their origins in the early part of the last century, which makes them very new.

- Family traditions often can trace their roots and practices back to the "old world" and some can claim an unbroken line from before Christianity.