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It's a light skin Mexican with blue eyes.

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When was Ricardo Guero Rodríguez born?

Ricardo Guero Rodríguez was born on 1969-08-02.

How do you say white in Mexican?

Mexican is not a language... but if your talking about spanish (which by the way isn't from Mexico, its a white language discovered in Spain which is in Europe) you say "blanco" or if your talking about a person who is light-skinned (that is Mexican) you say guero(wedo) OR if you are taling about a white person who is not Mexican than you would say "gringo"

How do you say whiteboy in Spanish?


What does perron mean in spanish?

Big dog! That white boy is the fucn man, I will call him guero perron. Quine eres? Guero perron!

Is Eddie guero really dead?


How do you say banana pepper in spanish?

Chile Guero

What actors and actresses appeared in Las dos caras del guero Estrada - 1998?

The cast of Las dos caras del guero Estrada - 1998 includes: Gilberto de Anda Manuel Ojeda Luis Reynoso Gilberto Trujillo Claudia Vega

How do you pronounce guero?

weddo, wet-oh, wedo, wedd-oh, who-eh-doe, weh-dough, weh-doe

What helps animals survive in the tundra?

dante dante dante dante dante dante dante the the the the the the the mexican mexican mexican mexican mexican mexican mexican

What can you use as a substitute for Serrano peppers?

Jalapeno, Fresno chile, or Guero Chilies are substitutes for the Serrano Pepper, though they are slightly milder. If you need the substitute to be hotter, use twice a many.

Who are some famous Mexican wrestlers?

Rey Mysterio(Mexican-American)Hunico(Mexican)Alberto Del Rio(Mexican)Eddie Guerrero(Mexican-American)Chavo Guerrero(Mexican-American)Shaul ''Raquel Diaz'' Guerrero(Mexican-American)-Eddie & Vickie Guerrero's daughter.Juventud Guerrera(Mexican)Psicosis(Mexican)Super Crazy(Mexican)Crazy Boy(Mexican)-Super Crazy's cousin.La Park(Mexican)Sin Cara(Mexican)Hernandez(Mexican & Puerto Rican)kAos(Mexican-American)-real name Joey Munoz.Aaron Aguilera(Mexican-American)Alex Silva(Mexican-Canadian)-TNA Wrestler.

Is sterling Knight Mexican?

He is Half-Mexican becaus his dad is mexican.

What is the term for Mexican plateau?

Mexican Central Plateau or Mexican Altiplano.

Is rey mysterio Mexican or part Mexican?

only part Mexican

Is Selena Perez Mexican?

she's mexican-american, not fully mexican.

Is Nick jona Mexican?

He is half Mexican because his mom is Mexican.

What are the different nationally of Mexican?

"Mexican" is a nationality-- a Mexican is a citizen of Mexico.

How many Mexican soldiers were on the Mexican side in the Mexican American War?

Between 25,000 and 40,000 served in the Mexican Army during the Mexican American War.

Can you become a Mexican citezen if youre parents are Mexican?

Yes, you only need one Mexican parent to be Mexican. You are also Mexican if you are born on Mexican soil or Mexican ships when in international waters. Mexico also recognizes dual citizenship. For instance, if mom is English, dad is Mexican and you are born on a French boat when on international waters, you are English, Mexican and French.

Is rey mysterio a Mexican?

No Rey Mysterio is not a Mexican he happens to have a Mexican family with makes him a Mexican decent.

If you are Mexican how can you get your Mexican citizenship?

The citizenship is obtain by a Mexican at the age of eighteen. The citizenship is obtain by a Mexican at the age of eighteen The citizenship is obtain by a Mexican at the age of eighteen acordingly to

What is the difference between Mexican Americans and Mexicans from Mexico?

a Mexican is 100 % and a Mexican american is 50% white and 50% Mexican

Is Emilio estevez Mexican?

Nope. Not Mexican, as in from Mexico. He's Mexican American.

What are the Mexican football fans famous for?

The Mexican fans are famous for Mexican wave.

How do you say you are Mexican in Spanish?

"Eres mexicano"= 'You are Mexican' "Soy mexicano" = 'I am Mexican'

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