What is a blue A ecstasy pill?


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It is reportedlya high grade mdma (unless it's a copycat) pill, should weigh 300mg or 0.3g which is called a "tripple stack" because allegedly if pure a 100mg dose is a moderatly safe, first time user, dosage, 300mg being tripple that, i.e. "tripple stack". They are called "Blue Ace(s)" on the street. It takes around an hour for the effects to start to really hit you.

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yes , he did Ecstasy & the " blue pill" :S

"Blue Diamond" refers to the pill press used to shape the ecstasy powder into a pill. Blue Diamond is generally viewed as one of the strongest makes of ecstasy, but this becomes more and more false as all drugs become less pure over time.

This sounds to me like you're describing an "E" or "Ecstasy" tablet.

It's an ecstasy tablet, as should be obvious.

There really is no way to know unless you were the one who actually made them. But it is just a type of ecstasy pill. The name usually depends on the shape, color, size, and stamps.

it a slang word for Ecstasy

LSD is simply a type of poison n ecstasy is a bunch of drugs mixed in one pill. Almost everything u can think of except marijuana is in a pill of ecstasy.

There are hundreds of different types of ecstasy pills, and the look varies. You might get a pill that's white and has a pokeball stamped on it. Or you may get a red pill with a Macintosh computer stamped on it. Sometimes ecstasy comes in clear capsules. It really just depends, but an ecstasy tablet can look like anything (well, any pill at least.)

More than likely its ecstasy.

From the shady guy at the end of your street.

it means swallowing an ecstasy pill...

Yes,it can,cause its kind of a pill.

It is the type of ecstasy, its the name of the stamp on the pill

usually 10 bucks a tab (pill).

Orange Deadmau5 (aka Mickey Mouse)

"Goog" is a slang word which means "ecstasy pill".

theres a pill called purple aliens and i popped 2.

The feeling you get from ecstasy is from the MDMA in the pill, which isn't found in any legal pills.

As long as it takes for you to feel happy :-)

No. You're fine! Just be safe!

Swallowed in pill form, or crushed and snorted

This is usually the pill shaped form of Ecstasy. It is definitely not medication, this is a street drug. I would not advise you to take any.

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