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Sounds simple but could

be a bluejay

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Q: What is a blue bird with white at the tips of its wings called?
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What is bird with blue on its wings called?

a blue jay or aka blue bird

What bird is Royal blue with dark wings and white beak?

An Indigo Bunting

Does the bird called the blue tit actually have a blue tit?

No. It has a yellow breast but they have bits of blue on their wings and a blue crown.

What is a Bird with red breast and blue wings and cap called?

sounds like eastern bluebird.

What kind of bird has a orange breast and blue wings?

If the bird is light to medium blue on wings and back, plus the orange breast, then it might be the Eastern Bluebird.

Blue bird of paradise its special features?

Birds of paradise are those with stunning colors that will immediately attract attention. Some of the features of the blue bird include grey legs, bluish-white bill, broken white eye-ring, and bright blue wings.

What kind of bird has a gray breast with blue wings and blue tail?

blue jay

Where do bluebirds get water?

blue birds get there water from there wings there wings are blue cause they have water in them if you kill a blue bird and suck on its beek you can get water

Which animal has yellow red and blue wings but is not a bird?

A butterfly

What is a indigo?

It is a blue bird with some black feathers on the wings.

How do blue jay?

Blue Jays flap their wings up and down like any other bird when they flap their wings the force is making the bird have thrust and lift in the same time casing blue jay's or any type of bird to fly

What bird has a blue head green wings and red body?

a blue tit (i think!) ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

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