Skeletal System

What is a bone that makes up the backbone?


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its not a single bone but a series of bones called the vertebral column

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A snake's backbone is made up a bone, which is a connective tissue.

Deoxyribose sugars and phosphates make up the backbone of DNA.

The fact that they have an internal skeleton and a backbone. because it has a back bone

The backbone isn't made up of one bone; it's comprised of several small bones called vertebrae.

The temporal bone makes up the temple.

The backbone of RNA is made up of a ribose sugar and a phosphate.

The backbone is made of tiny bones, called vertebrae, that make up one large backbone, or vertebral column.

yes a gorilla does have a backbone but the backbone is different to a human bone

The temporal bone makes up most of the temple.

No, crayfish are invertebrate animals, they do, however have an exoskeleton which makes up for the lack of a backbone.

Makes you sit up straight.

no, your backbone is made up of lots of small bones hooked together. if we had just one long bone, we wouldn't be able to bend our very easily.

The backbone is composed of dexyribose sugar and a phosphate group.

The backbone of a DNA molecule is made up of sugar-phosphate chains.

Alternating deoxyribose sugar and phosphate molecules make up the backbone of a DNA molecule.

the back bone lets you stand up strait without it you couldt stand up at all

The humerus bone makes up the human upper arm.

The Skeletal System is made up of: Skeleton Axial Skeleton The Skull The Backbone The Bony Thorax Appendicular Skeleton The Upper Appendages The Hand The Lower Appendages Bone Composition Bone Structure Composition of the Bone The Periosteum Compact Bone Spongy Bone Your skeletal system is made up of 206 to 300 bones. Inside of your bones is something called bone marrow. The bones produce the bone marrow Mostly bone.

your face makes up a compact bone

Phosphate and Deoxyribose (sugar)

The backbone or vertebral column

No, segmented worms do not have a backbone, or any bone.

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