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an organ in many arachnids containing many thin folds of membrance resembling the leaves of a book.

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What are the organs used by different animals for respiration?

Skin gills book lung branchiostegal lung lung diaphragm invertebrate trachea

What is the respiratory organ in terrestrial arachnids?

book lung

Who would win a fight tai lung from Kung Fu panda or shere khan from jungle book?

Tai Lung

What kind of respiration does a arachnid have?

book lung or tracheal respiration

How does the process of gas exchange occur in spiders?

book lung

Which of these is multifaceted book lung compound eyes simple eyes?

compound eyes

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Does Orb Web spiders have gills or lungs?

The breathing system of spider is different from ours. There are two separate systems involved, book lungs and tracheae. The book lungs are assumed to be the first respiratory system evolved which is later replaced by the tracheae.A book lung consists of a stack of plates. Blood flows through these plates and the gas is exchanged. The gases pass in and out by a diffusion process and it therefore not very efficient. In more active spiders tracheae replace part of the book lung or the whole book lung. The tracheae are tubes that do not branch but run from the opening on the outside directly into the tissues and organs.

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What structures do spiders grasshoppers and crayfish have for exchanging gases?

spiders: book lung grasshopper : trachea crayfish: gills

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