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Generally, a convent is for nuns and a monastery for monks.

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Generally, a monastery is for monks and nuns. A convent is for sisters.

Monastery for monks (males).Nunnery or convent for nuns (females).

Monks and nuns do the monks' and nuns' jobs now.

A monastery is the home for nuns and monks. A convent is either a community of priests, religious brothers, or religious sisters.

Any group of Buddhists (Monks/Nuns or lay people) who study and practice together is called a Sangha. If they lived together in a monastic setting then the building is called a monastery.

You just call Monks Monks and Nuns Nuns. They don't have any other names.

An abbey is a building that houses monks, nuns, or priests. It really is a church.

Sort of nuns are woman and monks are men.

People become monks and nuns because of their convictions. They feel a call on their lives to serve God as nuns and monks.

the role of monks and nuns were to help and teach students.

I think their just called monestaries. Nuns (female monks) lived in abbeys.

In a monastery or abbeyMonks live in monasteries, and nuns live in convents or in monasteries.

Monks and nuns looked after the poor and sick and set up schools for children. They gave food and lodging to travelers, and some monks and nuns became missionaries. Monks and nuns copied Greek and Roman works as a form of labor. Educated monks and nuns also wrote and taught Latin, and educated people.

They lived apart from other people, the monks in monastaries and the nuns either in churches or other edifices for them alone. Both the monks and the nuns raised their own food. The nuns often taught in private Christian schools.

Yes, there are Buddhist nuns as well as monks. They're known as Bhikkhuni.

In the Christian faith monks and nuns took the vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience.

Although there is no theological connection between Christianity and Buddhism, both of these religions have monks and nuns.

Monks and nuns spread Byzantine influence through their missionary work.

Monks and nuns were early proponents of the arts. Many original texts and pieces of art from early cultures in the modern world were the works of nuns and monks telling religious stories.

monasteries- the dwelling place of a community of monks

Monks and nuns cared for the sick and poor. The monks also kept learning alive and illustrated and copied books.

The special clothing worn by nuns and monks are known as a Habit.

"Doing penance" or "practicing mortification".