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What is a bumpkin?

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a bumpkin is an awkward and unsophisticated person:|

It is also a sexual term meaning to receive oral sex whilst on the toilet deficating.

The term was most famously used in the film Harold and Kumar go to white castle.

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Country bumpkin IS slang.

Country Bumpkin was created on 1973-12-21.

The cast of The Wooing of Bessie Bumpkin - 1914 includes: Bess Meredyth as Bessie Bumpkin

A person from north west Scotland is called a teuchter to mean country bumpkin.

The Word "bumpkin" means a simple rustic person. The origins of the word "bumpkin" dates back to 1560-70, related with a Dutch small tree or alluding to a short person.

The Wooing of Bessie Bumpkin - 1914 was released on: USA: 29 July 1914

That man is behaving like an unmannerly bumpkin.

Provincial and parochial are antonyms of cosmopolitan,

The cast of Hold Fast - 1927 includes: Cliff Bowes as 1st Country Bumpkin Bobby Burns Glen Cavender as 2nd Country Bumpkin Jimmy Hertz as The Fire Chief

There is a term "fellah", derived from Arabic (Moorish) that means "peasant" or "bumpkin".

A garden fairy princess and a bumpkin who has been turned into a donkey.

Some words that rhyme with dust bin:CousinBuckskinBumpkinDuckpinsPumpkinUnderpinUnpin

Like a country bumpkin, or another name for a "red neck" it can also mean a clumsy person or someone lacking in common sense.

Pumpkin, bumpkin, cowskin, doeskin, pigskin, oilskin, lambkin, redskin, to name a few.

Some words ending in KIN are:akinbodkinbumpkincatkingherkinjerkinnapkinpumpkinremekinskin

Those three names were Bumpkin Bear, Yucca Bear and Huckleberry Bear .

There are no particularly apt anagrams. The letters can spell "noising bumpkin" or "king minion's pub." The scramble may have been miscopied.

Many people, especially the clergy in Italy considered him a 'country bumpkin' and unsophisticated since he came from a family of poor farmers.

Peter is a clown, a stock character in Shakespearean theatre. He is a kind of bumpkin, not over bright, but with good intentions.

The cast of The Gravity of Belief - 2008 includes: Alexandria Beck as Sarah Paul Ready as Mr. Bumpkin

There are a variety of important islands off the coast of Massachusetts. These include Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, as well as Bumpkin Island.

The term "gi-gi" (pronounced with hard "g") is a slang term used in rural South Louisiana to designate someone who is an unsophisticated country bumpkin.

It's a slang word for a hick, a bumpkin, a person from the country who is unsophisticated in city ways. It is American slang, early twentieth century. It may possibly derive from the name Ruben.

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