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A computer is programmed to generate a sequence of three digits, where each digit is either 0 or 1, and each of these is equally likely to occur. Construct a sample space that shows all possible three-digit sequences of 0s and 1s and then find the probability that a sequence will contain exactly one 0.

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Q: What is a business loan?
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Can You Claim A Business Loan?

No, a business loan is not a prize, it has to be negotiated on the basis of a business plan.

Is a bank loan a financial asset?

Bank loan is a liability for business not an asset for business.

In general would interest rates for a personal loan be lower or high than those for a business loan?

In general the interest rates for a personal loan would be higher than for a business loan. The risk of losing money with business loan is not as high as with personal loan.

What kind of loan do you need to purchase a piece of a small business?

You may either apply for a small business loan or a personal loan. Google small business loans

Business Loans?

form_title=Business Loans form_header=Begin your dream of running your business with a business loan. What type of loan are you interested in?=_ How much do you need to borrow for the loan?=_ When will you repay the loan?=_ If you do not get a loan, what are you going to do for financing? =_

Can you sell a business to your spouse to qualify for a minority business loan?

You can sell your business to your spouse and if she is a minority, then she may be eligible for a minority business loan. You must ask the loan officer if the person has to be the owner for a certain amount of time before they qualify for the loan.

Can a cosigner assist me with a business loan?

No. Just the proprietors can sign up a business loan. For those who have somebody that will help you to get loan they'll either have to become the owner, or you will have to get an unsecured business loan to pay for the company expenses.

Secure a Business Loan?

form_title=Secure a Business Loan form_header=Expand or upgrade your business by securing financing for a loan. What is the purpose of the loan?=_ What is the name of your current financial institution?=_ Do you have any current loans?= () Yes () No

Where can I get a business auto loan in the US?

A business auto loan in the US can be obtained from a bank, credit union or from the automobile dealership from which the car is located. The larger and more successful the business, the more likelihood of the business obtaining the auto loan from a bank or a credit union using the business as an entity instead of the individual requesting the auto loan. Simply select the bank that has more desirable interest rates and loan term and then complete a loan application using the business name. The business will have to set up a bank account using the business name to get the business loan. Again, the business loan can be obtained from any financial institution that offers loans to businesses.

Can you use a personal business loan for your small business?

You can definitely use a personal business loan for your small business. There are many companies that provide Business loans with minimal documentation for small businesses. But you need to remember that the interest rate of all the loans varies. My friend approached smecorner for a business loan and she received the applied amount in no time.

You cosigned on a loan without mu spouses knowledge - Have you rished his business?

You are responsible for co signing the loan. If you are partners with your husband in his business, have a loan together on the business, then yes, the business becomes an asset that could be attached if the loan you cosigned on should be defaulted on.

What legally constitutes a business loan?

A loan is the agreement of lending money, usually with interest, and a plan and a date to repay it. There are many subcategories of loans that do not have separate legal definitions. A business loan is a loan granted for the use of a business.

Can a new business owner cosign for a loan in his business name and what effect will it have if the borrower defaults on the loan?

Cosigning for a loan is dangerous to do. A true business loan should be under a business name itself, a personal guantee may be required in some situations. To build business credit search for a mentoring service online.

What Costs Are Associated With The Business Loan Products?

Fees are loan specific and are discussed in further detail in the business loanpackage. There are no charges except you get funded.

When a co signer on a business loan dies is the estate responsible or is the other business owner liable for paying the loan?

It depends on how the business and the loan are titled. If the business is a partnership, the business may be responsible for paying the loan. If the borrowers signed as individuals the surviving signer may be able to make a claim against the estate. You should consult with an attorney who can review the loan and any business documents and explain your responsibilities and options.

How can you get a loan for startup Restaurant business?

You can get a loan for a start-up restaurant business at a local bank or credit union.

What kind of loans are available through the hsbc business?

You can get a small business loan, a large business loan, or a home mortgage loan. You can also get term loans based on specific other needs for you or your family.

What is the difference between commercial loan and business loan?

Commercial loans generally refer to the real estate in which the business is going to operate. Business loans generally refer to the lending of general expenses for that business to operate. A restaurant for instance could have a loan for equipment and employees as a business loan and simultaneously own the property and have a second business loan. Loans are generally tricky and should only be approached with the assistance of professional advice.

How do you write a letter to a bank manager for sanctioning loan as working capital for running business?

If a person would like to get a loan to start a business, they can write a letter to the loan officer of the bank. The letter should be very formal and lay out exactly what the loan is for with examples of how the business will be supported and how the loan will be repaid.

Do I Need A Cosigner To Get A Business Loan?

In case your cosigner has an excellent credit score and is a relative or closely affiliated with your business, this can help you qualify for a business loan.

I am a business and need a loan for my business expansion. How will I know my eligibility?

Contact your business account manager is the first step to investigating loan potentials

What Is The Difference Between A Startup Business Loan And A Business Loan?

The number one difference among a start up business loan and a business loan is the amount of time that a purchaser has owned the business enterprise. Proper unsecured business loans require the business to be up and running for at least two years with documentable sales of $150,000 or more. Startup business loansare for businesses not yet open or much less than the two years in business.

Can you get a loan for a liquor license?

You can get a loan for your business then if the allowed in the terms of the loan use some of the loan to purchase your liquor license.

How Much Time Will It Take To Get My Loan Approved?

Once you have submitted a complete loan package, a business loanapproval can generally be received in 5-7 business days.

How can a Business Loan can be an effective loan?

Unsecured business loan financing from Merchant Advisors can be used for almost anything which includes plans like purchasing and expansion of your business. With this loan you can plan on options like franchising or opening new branches for you business or you can use it as a cash advance required to set up a new business. You are not required to pay any collateral and having a very good credit history. A business loan can help grow your existing or fresh business in many ways.