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What is a cable converter?


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A converter is a device that collects all the available channels from the cable company and puts it into an RF signal on a particular channel. Some converters can even change the signal to a "Video" format which can then be attached to a VCR for superior picture. A converter cannot be used to receive premium channels which are scrambled as by itself it is just a channel changer and not a descrambler. You can get all the basic channels with a converter if your TV is not the cable ready type. But if you add a descrambler to your converter, you can then access all the scrambled channels. You can get a converter from your cable company and attach a descrambler to it or you can purchase both the devices on your own and use them to access channels. However, it is illegal to not inform the cable company that you are receiving their signals.


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A cable converter is used with TVs that are not cable ready so that they can actually display cable channels. The price of a cable converter averages about $70.00.

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The parts of a laptop charger are: the Wall to converter cable, the power converter, the converter to the PC cable and the plug. It operates by the plug passing energy or electricity to the wall to converter cable. The wall to converter cable then passes the energy to the converter. Finally the converter passes on the energy to the PC through the plugged in head connected to the laptop and it's charged.

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You do not need a converter box to see regular cable channels. Only digital or special channels need a converter box.

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no its been illegal scince jesus was around me yes it is legal to own a cable converter box

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You must have a HDTV converter box from your cable company.

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