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A converter is a device that collects all the available channels from the cable company and puts it into an RF signal on a particular channel. Some converters can even change the signal to a "Video" format which can then be attached to a VCR for superior picture. A converter cannot be used to receive premium channels which are scrambled as by itself it is just a channel changer and not a descrambler. You can get all the basic channels with a converter if your TV is not the cable ready type. But if you add a descrambler to your converter, you can then access all the scrambled channels. You can get a converter from your cable company and attach a descrambler to it or you can purchase both the devices on your own and use them to access channels. However, it is illegal to not inform the cable company that you are receiving their signals.

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Q: What is a cable converter?
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What is the purpose of a cable converter?

A cable converter is used with TVs that are not cable ready so that they can actually display cable channels. The price of a cable converter averages about $70.00.

How does a laptop charger operate?

The parts of a laptop charger are: the Wall to converter cable, the power converter, the converter to the PC cable and the plug. It operates by the plug passing energy or electricity to the wall to converter cable. The wall to converter cable then passes the energy to the converter. Finally the converter passes on the energy to the PC through the plugged in head connected to the laptop and it's charged.

How you can see cable channels without a converter box?

You do not need a converter box to see regular cable channels. Only digital or special channels need a converter box.

Is it legal to own a cable converter box?

no its been illegal scince jesus was around me yes it is legal to own a cable converter box

What do you need to decode your cable at your tv?

You must have a HDTV converter box from your cable company.

Does the USB PS2 to PS3 Controller Converter Adapter Cable come in white?

Yes, the USB PS2 to PS3 Controller Converter Adapter Cable can be purchased in white.

Can you get free cable from wireless internet?

NO. You still have to pay for it. It takes a different converter box to get Cable TV.

Can a converter box help get channels if you don't have a tv antenna or cable?

No, you need to subscribe to Cable TV.

What is the code for the dolby cable box?

what is the code for the converter box

Is there an AV cable for Xbox one?

No but you can get an hdmi to AV converter.

Can you get sound on your tv with a VGA to HDMI cable without using a converter?

No, a VGA cable does not carry audio. You will need a converter that has an audio input to add the sound channel to the VGA picture channel.

What is a media converter used for?

A media converter is used to help convert copper cable signal into fiber optic cable signal to be viewed on a variety of media devices. Some older devices actually require a media converter in order to view a signal.

How can you get a better picture from cable on an HDTV without cable box?

On most cable company hookups you won't get HD without the HD converter box.

Why do you have to have to have a converter box for HDTV if you are a cable company subscriber?

If by converter box you mean a digital converter box, the type that are being subsidized by the government, you don't. If you mean a tuner box, it is because the cable line is transmitting data, and it has to be interpreted into a video signal your TV can use.

Can you connect a high definition tv to regular digital cable?

You'll need a new converter box from your cable provider.

Do you need a digital converter box for a digiatal television?

If you get your signal from a cable company you might, all cable companies are not the same.

Where does the cable TV signal go to on your new led TV?

The cable comes out of the wall to the HD converter box and the converter box connects with the HDMI or video cable to the same on the tv set. If the tv has HDMI connector use it. HDMI will give you much better picture than video cable connections.

Is there a TV that doesn't need cable satellite or converter box to function?

all of them.

Does one need a box for digital cable?

One does need a box from a cable provider for digital cable. One also needs a cable converter box in order to ensure that they are getting the digital transmissions.

Digital converter box for a Symphonic TV?

A digital converter box for a Symphonic TV can be found at most local electronic stores. Cable companies also provide digital converter boxes for subscribers.

Do you need a converter box with a digital TV?

No. You only need a converter box for analog TV and only if you receive your TV "over the air" with an antenna. If you have cable or satellite TV, you don't need a converter.

Can you save TV programes in TV?

it Depends on what type of cable you have, but you cant do it on a converter box.

I have a 2008 Toshiba SD-H400 digital recorder made for TIVO which worked with cable input But now no signal when I attach to my digital antenna Any solution maybe a digiital to cable converter?

If the DVR has a tuner, you might have to switch it to antenna from cable. If it has no tuner you might need a converter box.

Can the cable run directly into VCR without the box?

Yes, but if your cable company is no longer sending analog channels down the cable, it won't work without a digital converter box.

I have bssic cable basic programing with the calble connected directly into tv without cable box. would I need a cable converter box to to recieve digital programing ?

No you will be fine. The new cable converter boxes are for people who are using antennas (or some people call them rabbit ears) to receive a signal. These people will no longer be able to pick up this signal. If you television is able to connect to cable, it is okay.