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A callout is an invitation to fight, a series of outward bound telephone calls, or an excerpt from an article printed in larger text so as to draw attention and indicate the topic of the article.

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Q: What is a callout?
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How do you callout toolbar when using Ribbon interface in GstarCAD?

U se “ tbconfig ” commandtoselectthetoolbarswhichyouneedinthedialogbox.

What is the shape called that contains text in a cartoon?

The shape that contains the text is often called a speech bubble or Callout.

How much does a good electrician charge per day per hour and callout charge?

this will depend on were you live and what contrey you like in

How boys were sent to do what at the age of eighteen in ancient Greece?

They were given military training to prepare them for callout when their city-state forces were mobilised.

What is callouts in Microsoft Excel?

Callouts are graphic features that you can draw onto your spreadsheet, like a speech bubble or a box with a line or an arrow pointing to a cell. You can then type text into the callout.

Does anybody have upperdeck kids LEGENDS codes?

no but here is my username Slipknotrules but if u want to give me a callout i could give u the codes i get today buy the way is over 400

Where can you find a computer doctor?

A computer doctor can be found online at Pc-Callout, Computer Doctor Service and Call A Computer Doctor via their websites. Additionally computer doctors can be searched and contacted online through GumTree.

Is it legal to exceed speed limits on multiple lane roadways?

No. It is never legal to exceed speed limits, except in the instance of emergency vehicles responding to a callout. The moment you go 1 MPH over the speed limit, you're in violation.

Why would you want to use text box in Excel?

Sometimes you want text floating over something instead of being in a cell on the worksheet. This is where a textbox is useful. It can be used to highlight something, often using arrows to point at things, like you can do with a callout.

What is the difference between a class and an id when naming elements on a style sheet when creating a website?

An ID is good for page sections as you can only use an ID once per page. Examples are #header, #menubar, #footer, etc. Classes can be used multiple times throughout a page. Examples are .faqquestion, .faqanswer, .callout, etc.

What size battery 2002 Hyundai accent?

You can get one online at

Looking for a picture diagram of internal front hub assembly for a 2002 Isuzu axiom?,0&groupid=20135&subgroupid=60597&componentid=&make=15&model=Axiom&year=2002&graphicID=F661050&callout=2&catalogid=1&displayCatalogid=0

Who is the best crowd to get computer repairs done by in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas?

SuperGeek is at $99.00/hour and $24.75/15 mins. And their call centre is open 8am till 6pm Mon-Fri & 8am till 5pm Saturday. Geeks 2 U is also at $99.00/hour and they have a $69 callout fee. "On Call 7 Days - that's weekdays, evenings and weekends!" says in their website but what exactly their operating hours are, I don't know. And then there is myGeek. The fee is $88.00/hour and $44.00/half hour block for residential customers. NO callout fee. No fix, no fee. Their service is 24/7. And up until June 30th, 2010 if you quote promo code 528743 you get 10% discount; the rate is further reduced to $79.20/hour. So myGeek gets my vote.

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How do I cause an HTML element to NOT be selectable with the mouse for example when you click and drag this text it will highlight blue?

You'll want to use the user-select property. However, to get cross browser support, the following variations should also be used: -webkit-touch-callout: none;-webkit-user-select: none;-khtml-user-select: none;-moz-user-select: none;-ms-user-select: none;user-select: none;

Are lethal injections painful?

No, beyond the pin prick of the needle breaking the skin the poison in it is not painful. The individual effectivly "falls asleep", enteres into a coma and dies when the organs shut down.Answer:Studies have shown that the three part lethal injection as used in the US can be quite painful. The first part of the set is a paralytic, the second an anaesthetic and the third the poison. If step two doesn't work the pain of the poison is intense but the victim is unable to callout or move as he suffers.

What is the correct procedure to shut off natural gas at your home?

Call your natural gas provider and have them come out and do it for you.Improved Answer- -Save yourself a 'callout fee'. - I have to do this often in houses I am working on. The incoming gas goes through a valve on your property near the meter. It has a flat 'l' shaped handle on it. When the handle is in line with the pipe it's 'on', and when turned crosswise to the pipe it's off. - - (This is NOT rocket science or anything to scare the average human who can perform simple mechanical tasks !. )

How do you remove and replace 1994 pathfinder rear tire carrier hinge pins?

See this link and this and this for the diagram,7184&groupid=52010&subgroupid=8937&componentid=0&makeid=25&model=Pathfinder&year=1990&graphicID=3615147&callout=1&catalogid=2&displayCatalogid=0

I am looking for any Charmander celebii jirachi latios latias or any shiny Pokemon any one my friend code is 2536 2939 7611 wi fi anytime sept 20 or 21 i have many legendary and strong Pokemon?

Whats up kiddo Shadow here to callout your plea. I'll give you and chamander/charizard phione lv.100 aggron mespirt etc. just respond on my actually anyone who reads this ask and nopefully receive. Just tell me game and

How much does it cost to change a front door lock?

300 dollarsANS 2 - Anyone can change a front door lock themselves with a Multi screwdriver and reasonable mechanical ability. -I've fitted hundreds of locks and the one thing they all have in common is very good instructions. Even someone who has never done anything like this before could change an existing lock in an hour or so. Front door locks cost from 30 or so to over $ 150.Most locksmiths I know charge almost $ 100 per hour and some even a 'callout fee' on top of that.

Turn signal won't flash on 2001 Bonneville?

The left turn signal on my 01 Bonneville would not turn on but it would flash when i put on the turn signal. When I removed the light bulb to replace it I found the connector was corroded and rusting so that could be your problem if not then you just might need to buy new wires. Heres the link:,2295&groupid=2296&subgroupid=2385&componentid=0&make=28&model=Bonneville&year=2001&graphicID=FA00020&callout=6&catalogid=2&displayCatalogid=0

How do you interpret rebar prints?

All callouts should have a quantity, bar size and length of bar or bar mark. The bar mark will correspond to a schedule that should be on the drawing. The mark will indicate size, bending configuration and lengths of each leg of the bend. Not all legs on a bend diagram may be used, just the legs they want used. The callout will usually have nomiclature that indicates the bar spacing and location in the structure, ie, EF=each face, TEW@9"=Top Each Way at 9" ctr to ctr spacing. If you have any questions regarding reading the drawing, drop me a line and I can explain further. I am a rebar detailier.

How big was the Persian army?

Historian Herodotos lists provincial contingents throughout the empire of over two millionavailable for callout in the provinces of the empire. For expeditionary forces, only the best cavalry and infantry were selected. The invasion of Greece in 480 BCE probably amounted to three corps each of 10,000 cavalry and 50,000 infantry - a total of 150,000 infantry and 30,000 cavalry. The fleet was probably 600 warships comprised of contingents supplied from Phoenician, Asian-Greek cities and Egypt, each ship with 200 rowers and marines aboard, and a similar number of cargo vessels to supply food for fleet and army. There would also have been a substantial number of camp followers.

What is the number for npower electric out of hours?

N Power do not have an out of hours number for electricity. If you have an emergency phone your local network operator (number on back of bill). If you have a problem with your meter (billing or pre-payment key) I'm afraid you will have to wait until the morning when their offices open or if your ringing after 6pm on a Saturday you will have to wait until Monday! Sometimes going with the cheapest supplier is the best idea. They are cheap because they don't have 24/7 staff to look after their customers! I work for a network operator and have to deal with a lot of upset customers who have no power (due to a meter fault) and no way of getting through to their supplier to get a callout. Scottish Power are another bad one for this!

Differences Corel draw corel designer?

Designer X4 has better dimensioning and Callout tools than CDX4, and it also handles CAD imports better as well. CorelDRAW X4 and Corel DESIGNER X4 are fully compatible regarding file formats. Corel DESIGNER and CorelDRAW share a common codebase, that's why there is no issue at all with file exchange between CDR and DES file formats. Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X4 is named "X4" to show the shared CorelDRAW engine with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4. In Corel DESIGNER you can do a few more things that are not supported with CorelDRAW (e.g. hatch fills, halos on curves). These objects are converted to something that CorelDRAW can read when you save as CDR in Corel DESIGNER X4. Corel DESIGNER X4 can read (and write) CorelDRAW CDR files in any version that CorelDRAW X4 does