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Camel hair brushes, used by artists, is a generic term for brushes that are made from all different types of hair such as goat, pony or sheep. BUT, the most common and most recognized, is squirrel. (I sometimes use them in my work! painting portraits and lucky Indalos as good luck gifts)

"Camel hair" brush is a big hint that it's real animal hair but of a lower quality so would not be used in a high quality brush. For example: Mack Brush Co uses Pony & Goat Hair. No Camel hair in a Camel hair brush.

The cost of a "Camel" hair brush is far lower than a good quality brush. I usually throw them away rather than clean them. I buy them in bulk at around $0.10 to $0.35 a piece.

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Q: What is a camel's hair brush made of?
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Is camels hair brush really camels hair?

yes. may contain some camel poo too

What is used for the bristles of a camels hair brush?

Usually a camel hair brush is made of squirrel, goat, ox, pony or a blend of several hairs, depending on the desired softness

What do you use camels-hair brush for?

Brushing fine chocolates to give them a shine.

What is a bristle hair brush made from?

Goat Hair; A bristle hair brush is usually made of boar bristle, which is an excellent type of brush to use.

When was a hair brush made?

The hair brush was first invented 1885,Mason Pearson invented the patented the pneumatic cushion for the hair brush,creating the actual hair brush.

What is camels hair made of?

It is made of cow pat

Is hair brushes made out of plastics?

is a hair brush made out of plastic

From what animal is a camels hair paintbrush made?

a camel

What is a camel hair brush made from?

Camel hair brushes are made from several types of soft hair, because real camel hair is too woolly to use in an artist's brush.

How do you brush doll hair?

You can brush doll hair with a small doll brush, if the doll comes with a small brush. Or you can brush doll hair with a big brush, too.

Why do people leave hair in the brush?

well when ppl brush their hair, hair falls out, leaving the hair in the brush

What was the first hairbrush made out of?

the first hair brush was made out of bones and the bristels were made out of thick strands of hair from animals

Who made the hair brush?

Lyda O. Newman

What is the purpose of a hair brush?

To brush your hair with.....

Why do camels have ear hair?

Camels have ear hair to protect them from dust getting in their ears

How did the ancient egyptians brush their hair?

Hair combs made of wood, ivory etc.

Do camels have fur?

Camels have medium sized hair.

How does the hair brush work?

A Hair Brush is used to make your hair slick and not-knotty. To use, gently comb hair-brush through hair.

Where can one buy a laser hair brush?

Laser hair brush could be purchased from any cosmetics stores. But with the help of internet, there are many websites from which the purchase of laser hair brush is made possible. Some of them are; igrowlaser and hairmax.

how should i brush my hair?

brush it

How the hair brush is used today?

To brush your hair?

What is better for your hair a comb or a hair brush and why?

When your hair is wet a comb is better. When your hair is dry you can use a comb or a brush but a vent brush is better than the typical brush.

How do you get hair out of a brush?

To remove hair from a hair brush, you take a comb and comb the hair from the brush, once you have removed most of it from the brush using the comb, you can pick the rest of it out by hand.

Where was the hair brush invented?

the hair brush was invented in Africa ..

What is a hair brush?

a hair brush is an object in which you slowly take in your hand and comb out your hair

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