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A campaign is a marketing program or organization aimed at bringing attention to an idea or person. Military and political campaigns are popular in the United States.

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Q: What is a campaign?
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How do you spell campaign?

You just did ... and correctly ... campaign.

Create a Public Relations Campaign?

form_title=Create a Public Relations Campaign form_header=Deliver to your consumer base with a strong public relations campaign. What is your main focus for the campaign?=_ What is your budget for the campaign?=_ What is the duration of the campaign?=_ What services will the campaign use?=_

What is the polish campaign?

Campaign = Kampania.

What are Civil War campaigns?

The Civil War campaigns were the complex of military operations aiming to reach a strategic objective like: seizing a strategic point or city, destroying or capture an enemy's army. The most important of them were: the Peninsular Campaign; the Vicksburg Campaign; Lee's Maryland Campaign; Lee's Pennsylvania Campaign; the Chattanooga Campaign; the Overland Campaign; the Petersburg Campaign; the Atlanta Campaign; the March to the Sea Campaign; Hood's Tennessee Campaign; the Appomattox Campaign.

What is the motto of ONE Campaign?

ONE Campaign's motto is 'The Campaign to Make Poverty History'.

What does it mean if you say the campaign was a flop?

depending on what you mean "campaign" by i would say gaming campaign, if you mean gaming campaign, it usually means that the campaign wasnt as good as it was talked up

Where are campaign stars worn on a European Middle Eastern campaign medal?

The Campaign ribbons are issued for service in a specific region. Since there were multiple campaigns in a region, the campaign ribbon could be earned for each campaign. For example, if a soldier served in the Normany Campaign and then in the German campaign, he would be credited with two Europe-Middle East Campaign ribbons. A bronze Star "device" was worn after the 1st campaign was awarded.

Use a sentence with the word campaign?

Here are three sentences including the word 'campaign': "There is a campaign to stop pandas being hunted." "Lucy is going to London to campaign for human rights." "A campaign has been launched to stop underage drinking." "In 1777, the British army planned a new campaign." "Do it YOURSELF and CAMPAIGN"

The candidate's closest advisor in a campaign is the?

his /her Campaign manager

What campaign was the Battle of Vicksburg in?

It was called the Vicksburg Campaign.

How do you use campaign in a sentence?

I was in a campaign when i wanted to be president.

What is the fit in campaign?

The Fit in campaign Means Sex

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