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A very large waterfall in size and volume.

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Q: What is a cataract in a river?
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Where is the 1st cataract in the Nile River?

The first cataract is in Aswan.

What should you do if you are sailing and run into a river cataract?

If you were sailing and ran into a river cataract you would have to get out and go around

What is a cataract before the Nile's River mouth?

It is the first Cataract in Aswan

What is a cataract in ancient Egypt?

a cataract is steep rapids formed by cliffs in a river.

What is a Egyptian cataract?

river rapids

A series of rapids and waterfalls on a river?


What is a cataract as a long the Nile River?

gases up

What city is located south of the 6th cataract on the Nile river?

Khartoum is the city located south of the 6th cataract!

What is a nile cataract?

The Nile cataract is known as shallow waters in a river. This is usually seen in white or fast moving waters.

What is a cataract landform?

A cataract landform is a riverine or fluvial feature, where the river tumbles down over a series of boulders or small waterfalls.

What is a river cataract?

Wilbur Smith uses the word in his book "River God. " It means a large waterfall.

Steep rapids formed by cliffs and boulders in a river are called?


What do you call it when a river or a stream flows over a steep drop?

A cataract.

How steep is the cataract of Zambezi River?

360 feet or 108 meters

What is the cataract on the Nile?

There are six of them. Cataracts are waterfalls located on the Nile River.

What term is used to describe the series of rapids along the Nile river?


How high is the Zambezi Rivers river cataract?

360 feet or 108 meters

How are cataracts related to Egypt?

The word cataract has two different meanings. A cataract as a disease is the clouding over of the eye in the crystalline lens. A cataract in a river is an area of the river where the elevation of the streambed changes too quickly or has too many boulders to permit navigation, like a waterfall. It is this second kind of cataract that applies to Egypt.Since Ancient Egypt was most effectively governed by using the Nile River as a means of transport, cataracts in the Nile River effectively served as barriers to travel and control. As a result, the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs found it nearly impossible to control the land south of the First Cataract and this ended up becoming the southern border of Ancient Egypt.

What is the steep drop from a high place to a lower place in a stream or river called?

Cataract or waterfall .

What were the rapids on the Nile River called in ancient Egypt?

CataractSteep rapids formed by cliffs and boulders in a river.Hope this helps or at least is close..

What is another name for cataract using nine letters?

If it's on a river, it'd be WATERFALL. If it's in an eye, I have no idea.

What is a cataract as it relates to water?

Cataracts of the Nile are white water rapids of the Nile River, between Aswan and Khartoum.

Where in the body is the cataract?

A cataract is an affliction of the eye.

What part of speech is cataract?

Cataract is a noun.

What is an example of cataract in geography?

A cataract is a waterfall.