What is a cats behaviour?

cat behavior is varied. i have 3 cats, all very different. one is friendly and clumsy, one is timid and dainty and one is playful and a bit shy. there behavior with eachother... they all get along well. most neutered cats do. you need to watch out for more aggressive non fixed cats around other cats though. If you are interested in purchasing a cat you should always look for a kitten who is playful and energetic. Although a quiet/docile cat may seem like a good idea, if they are like that as a kitten it usually means there is something wrong with their health.
Behaviour is all about training and attention. If you neglect your cat from an early age, they will become more aggressive and develop bad behaviours. So when someone complains about a nasty cat, dont blame the animal because it is usually the owners neglect or mistreatment which has caused the behaviour in the first place!