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What is a cell phone charger?


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November 06, 2009 10:05AM

"Global Warming" is the buzzword of the 21st century. The looming energy crisis and the environmental costs associated with traditional energy sources are too high to be viable in an era of massive climate change. Harnessing renewable, clean sources of energy is the need of the hour. Powering even the smallest of appliance with a clean energy source can go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint. Using a solar cell phone charger is just one-step in this direction.

As the name suggests, a solar cell phone charger uses the energy of the sun to charge up your mobile phone. Traditional mobile chargers require an electric outlet to charge your cell phone. If you are outdoors a lot, or don't have ready access to an electrical outlet, getting your phone charged can be a major hassle.

With a solar cell phone charger, you can simply use the power of the sun to charge your phone anytime, anywhere. Using photovoltaic cells, a solar cell phone charger can quickly turn the power of the sun into electricity. This electricity can be used to recharge your phone anywhere.

Solar cell phone chargers are very much in-demand these days. The interest in environment friendly energy sources has never been higher than it is today. A lot of big name brands are jumping into this market with great products that offer a stylish, mobile way to get your cell phone charged. These solar chargers tend to be not very expensive and offer great value for money.

A solar cell phone charger can be indispensable on a camping trip or an outdoor adventure. These chargers can work even when there is a cloud cover (although their efficiency is reduced), making them even more useful.

If you've ever found yourself outdoors without any power in your cell phone, or if you just want to conserve some electricity, a solar cell phone charger is a great investment.

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