What is a certified letter?

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A certified letter is guaranteed by the postal service to be delivered to the recipient. A form is filled out at the post office that contains the name of the sender and the person/place where the letter is sent. The sender receives a receipt and can request they be notified when delivery is made. When delivery is made the a person must sign for accepting the mail. The cost is more than ordinary postage, but it gives the sender proof of having sent the material. Actually the letter is not guaranteed to be delivered to the recipient if it is sent via certfied mail. Anyone who answers the door at the address can sign for the letter if it is not sent via restricted mail, which can only be signed by the recipient or I believe anyone who can produce legal papers of guardianship of said recipient. This method of mailing is also more expensive by several dollars (about 5, I think give or take).

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Q: What is a certified letter?
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What is the purpose of certified letter?

The purpose of sending a letter by certified mail is to have proof the letter was sent and received.

How can you tell who sent a certified letter?

Take the certified letter notification (the card telling you that a certified letter is being sent to you) to your local post office, and ask who the sender is.

What is usually in a certified letter?

Any matter can be addressed in a certified letter. The certification is proof it was delivered.

Can you find out what a certified letter is about if you have the article number?

The article number is 7011157000006916 last four is 9775 certified letter

What is the best way to type a certified letter?

For clarification, you don't type a certified letter. A letter becomes certified when you send it by USPS certified mail. This is a great way to send important documents, legal paperwork and so on, as it provides a paper trail showing when a letter was sent and when it was received.

Do you have to sign for a certified letter?


Who sents a certified letter?

Anyone can send a certified letter. It is usually used for official notifications associated with legal items.

Can you send a certified letter to a PO Box?

Yes, you certainly can send certified letters.

Is a certified letter bad news?

i got a usps for to pick up certified mail but it was close is it bad news to get a certified mail.

How should a letter of withdrawal mailed?


HOw much is a certified letter cost?


If you were sent a certified letter what could it be?

There are several reasons why a person could receive a certified letter. The letter could be a bill, official paperwork such as divorce papers, etc.

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