What is a characteristic of some varieties of carnivorous plants?

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2. they have modified leaves that trap insects.
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What are the characteristics of plants?

Plants usually: absorb water/ nutrients and Photosynthesis (Ie: absorb sunlight). The characteristics of plants include that they are multi-cellular,they have cell walls, produce their own food, obtain energy fromthe sun and they contain chlorophyll. The following are the characteristics of plants ( Full Answer )

What are characteristics of plants?

all plants are different sizes. and there are vascular and nonvascular plants and some plants are rooted down and others are not

What are carnivorous plants?

Carnivorous means feeding on animals. Wiki has an excellent entry on the subject and it also just so happens to be a subject I did a report on in school because I couldn't believe that Earth actually had plants that "eat meat". I hope this helps (here's the link or do a search for "carnivorous ( Full Answer )

Characteristic of a plant?

Some characteristics of a plant was they make their own food usingthe process of photosynthesis. All plants grow, develop, andreproduce. They have roots that keep them rooted in the ground. Torelease energy and get rid of body was they have respire. They havea slowly reaction to changes.

Is there a picture of a carnivorous plant?

See the related link for a picture of what is a type of giant pitcher plant, believed to be the largest meat-eating flora in the world. It is green and red and has a stem that can grow up to 4ft long, and it can only be found high on the slopes of Mount Victoria in the Phillipines.

Why are some plants carnivorous?

The plants that are currently listed as carnivorous are carnivorousbecause the soil in which they live in is too poor in nutrients tosustain them for long. They have adapted through evolution to trapand "digest" living organisms to completely sustain them. Theyrequire certain substances in the insec ( Full Answer )

What is the largest carnivorous plant?

In terms of size, the largest carnivorous plants are in the genera Nepenthes and Triphyophyllum . The Nepenthesrajah species is one of the largest and can eat frogs, geckos,skinks, and even mice. One of the most amazing carnivorous plants and well known is theVenus flytrap.

Why must some plants be carnivorous?

The plants eat small insects and animals because the soil they grow in do not provide the specific amount of nutrients for plants to grow well. However, they do carry out photosynthesis. It is just their nature that they can only grow in the soil with less nutrients because they have another source ( Full Answer )

Can a plant be be carnivorous?

Yes. Venus flytraps are a prime example of floral carnivory, as are drosera, triphoyophyllum, nepenthes, aldrovanda, species of ibicella, etc. There are also many near carnivorous plants, such as certain types of thistle, which are reputed, but not proven.. A common mistake is to call the plants in ( Full Answer )

What is a characteristic of a carnivore?

a characteristic of a carnivore is that they eat meat not herbs and plants like herbivores! And some carnivores will have sharp teeth for tearing off meat.. some will have claws for hunting and taking down prey!

What is a carnivorous plant?

A carnivorous (meat eating) plant is a plant that eats smallanimals such as flies and insects. Venus fly traps and Pitcherplants are such plants. Scientists in the UK have also recentlydiscovered a mammal-eating plant. This plant, apparently a veryrare giant pitcher plant, is believed to be the larg ( Full Answer )

What are characteristics of a plant?

Although plants are very diverse, all plants have these basic characteristics - multicellular - eukaryotic - autotrophic - alternative generations in life cycle - photosynthetic by using chlorophylls a and b - have a cell wall made of cellulose

Where do carnivorous plants live?

Venus fly traps , one type of carnivorous plant, lives in the Eastern USA. They are native to North and South Carolina. You can find them in Myrtle Beach.

Types of carnivorous plants?

The types of carnivorous plants are Nepenthes (tropical pitcher plants), Sarracenia (pitcher plants), Dionaea (venus fly traps), Pinguicula (butterworts), Utricularia (bladderworts), Aldrovanda (waterwheel plants), Drosera (sundews), Cephalotus (australian pitcher plants), Heliamphora (sun pitcher p ( Full Answer )

Are carnivorous plants hard to grow?

No, however they tend to grow in harsh inviorments, such as the Venis Fly trap i have one of my own doesnt need much water and can Evan grow in sand mine is good for musqiutoes

Do carnivores eat plants?

typically not, but they do to help digest their food and they also chew on plants to clean their teeth. I would look into this more if I were you :)

Is a plant a carnivore?

Venus fly traps and pitcher plants eat bugs and flys, making them carnivorous plants. No. Plants are producers.

What carnivore only eats plants?

None. Carnivores are meat-eaters. Most will also eat a few plants. An animal that eats only plants is a herbivore. Those which eat both are omnivores.

Is pitcher plant a carnivorous plant?

Yes, however some species and even some genus are under speculation as to whether they do or do not use their own digestive enzymes in the process of digestion. But for the most part, yes, they are carnivorous. Some may even be able to digest vegetable matter through their traps.

Can carnivorous plants be eaten?

Currently, there is no known carnivorous plant that is lethal to humans. Although the chemicals inside the plant may make you feel nauseated, you are perfectly safe. If, however, you ate the gullet of a filled pitcher plant, you would be ingesting many microscopic pathogens that could be harmful t ( Full Answer )

Where does photosynthesis occur in carnivorous plants?

Same place where normal plants undergo photosynthesis: the leaves. Carnivorous plants live in an environment with a poor soil, and needs an additional sustenance such as potassium or nitrogen that are not adequately present in the soil.

How do carnivores get their food from plants?

Carnivores are meat eaters, not plant eaters, but they indirectly obtain their food from plants because they each other animals that do get their food from plants.

The US Plant Variety Act?

It is an intellectual property statute in the United States. The PVPA gives breeders up to 25 years of exclusive control over new, distinct, uniform, and stable sexually reproduced or tuber propagated plant varieties. *Wikipedia

What are the best varieties of tomatoes to plant?

Tomatoes, like other foods are subject to ones taste buds. However many people will tell you that an heirloom tomato plant has much more flavor than say a hybrid variety. Plant a few different varieties for yourself and you will soon determine which ones you like the best.

How do you grow carnivorous plants?

It depends which species it is. Intermediate plants like sarracenia, dionaea, some drosera, darlingtonia, and some pinguicula need to be stratified and sown on spaghnum moss. Tropical species like nepenthes should be sown on wet spaghnum. Always water with distilled water, the chlorine in tap water ( Full Answer )

Do carnivorous plants have a heart?

No, Carnivorous plants are plants no matter what! They don't think to catch prey, they do it naturally. If they had a heart, they would be animals!

Why are some plants carnivorous and how are they adapted and how are these adaptations beneficial?

Most carnivorous plants live in areas with poor soil, like a bog or rainforest, and therefore cannot rely on the soil to provide them with all the nutrients they need. They will eat animals and extract nutrients from them to make up for the low nutrient content of the soil. Carnivorous plants are qu ( Full Answer )

What are some characteristics of polyplodiy plants?

Polyploid plants are often larger and have other accentuated characteristics, making them useful in agriculture (bigger seeds) and horticulture (larger flowers) Polyploidy may also cause seedless fruits which is a commercial benefit (banana, seedless watermelons, seedless grapes)

Why some plants use insects are called carnivorous plants?

Since these plants kill and digest the insect proteins in their specialized structures, these are called insectivorous or carnivorus plants. Utricularia, Drosera and napenthes etc are some of the examples of these plants.

Are any carnivorous plants edible?

I am only aware that the pitchers of the Tropical Pitcher Plant are edible,as being a delicacy and popular way of holding and cooking rice is inside of these pitchers in Southeast Asia and Malaysia.

What the name of the variety of plants and animals?

Animals have a variety of names, even within species...for example, snakes have a vast variety of different names, even though they are all still reptiles. Theres anphibions and mammals. Humans are mammals, which are animals which give birth to live young, e.g. crocodiles lay eggs, so is NOT a mamma ( Full Answer )

How do you cross breed carnivorous plants?

First, u must make sure that both the flowers you picked up are atthe stage of receptive, meaning the ovule can accept the pollen forfertilization. Secondly, u decide which of the two to be the male and femalesource of the germplasm. Roses are hermaphrodite plant, meaningboth sexes, male and female ( Full Answer )

How do plants create new varieties?

If all individuals in a species (peas) are not exactly clones of each other but have small variations in the genes (traits), some will do better when the environment changes (drought). These traits will be "favored" over other traits. More individuals will be found with the trait. A new variety of p ( Full Answer )