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Q: What is a chef's hat called?
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What is the name for a Chefs Hat?

It is called a Toque

What is a chefs hat called?

the tall one... Toque the short cap, Skull cap

When will they have chefs hats in clubpenguin again?

they are chefs hat already in club penguin

How many pleats are in a chefs hat?

There are exactly 100 pleats in a French chefs hat. There are 100 because a French chef knows 100 ways to cook eggs.

Which hat is worn by chefs what is the hats name?


Can you use shears on a chefs hat on runescape?

no, people may say that it makes a party hat but it doesn't!

How do you get the chefs hat in Club Penguin?

You buy it at the gift shop

Why do chefs wear hats?

in real life the chefs were a hat so that their hair doesn't fall on the food they make but in Club Penguin they just were hats to show that they are chefs (many consider that a person is a chef only if he wears a hat and all the chefs do have hats and Club Penguin is just a game)

How many chef hat?

There is one chef hat to every chef although some chefs have more than one hat, when there are too many chef hats in the kitchen we say "there are too many chefs in the kitchen" and this is a bad thing. Most commercial kitchens have at least six chef hats.

What is the hat that is long and cylindrical with no brim and often worn by chefs?

Most people call it a "chef's hat", but its proper name is a toque.

You can use a standard caterers symbol such as a chefs hat on your business card as?


What do the folds in a chefs hat mean?

It means their are twenty five types of eggs.

Where do you go when you get the chefs hat in Poptropica?

In the restaurant in spy. you have to do a test first though.

What kind of hat that is long and cylindrical with no brim and often worn by chefs?


Where can you find chefs hat in runescape?

You can buy a chef's hat at the Fancy Dress Shop in Southeast Varrock. It is dropped by imps and goblins, also.

What is a chefs hat made of?

Generally Poplin, Twill, Cotton or a Poly-Cotton Blend.

What thing are found in the kitchen that start with the letter c?

Chefs hat???um..Cookie cutter....

How do you get the chefs hat on Club Penguin?

When it's available it's in the gift shop if it's not there then just wait.

What material is used to make a chefs hat or toque?

you poop on them and it gets soft and then you eat it and spit it out.OK.

Where do you get a chefs hat on club penguin?

The Chef Hat is a Members only item in Club Penguin. It hasn't been available since July 2013. It might be in a future catalog.

What did chef uniforms look like in the 17th century?

By many accounts, chefs' uniforms were still being developed in the 17th century, and there was no one official way for a chef to dress. One custom had already become popular however-- the tall, hat (called a toque). This began in the 1600s, as a way to identify the chef. The style was modeled after the hats worn by priests from the Orthodox Christian church; these men were widely admired and trusted, and evidently, it was decided that wearing a tall hat would give chefs more credibility. But it was not until the 1800s when all chefs began to wear an entirely white outfit, including a white coat; a tall, white hat; and a white apron.

What is a group of chefs called?

There is no standard collective noun for a group of chefs. Since collective nouns are an informal part of language, any noun that suits the situation in a descriptive way can be used; for example a shift of chefs, a crew of chefs, a pride of chefs, etc.

How do you get a chefs hat in club penguin?

You have to wait until it is in the Clothing Catalog. It will most likey be under penguins at work.

You can use a standard caterers symbol such as a chefs hat on your business card as your?

You can use a chef's hat as your logo. Sometimes it is better to be more creative or colorful so your logo stands out and is remembered.

Who was called the emperor of chefs?