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Q: What is a choke cable?
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How do you take apart choke cable assembly on suzuki quad runner?

how to change choke cable

How do you change the choke cable on a 2000 Honda Rancher?

How do you change the choke cable on a 2000 Honda Rancher?

How do you adjust the choke on an engine?

(1) Loosen the choke cable at the cable control bracket but do not remove it. (2) Pull cable knob or lever all the way to closed position. (3) Manually close the choke baffle all the way. (4) Tighten the choke cable at the cable control bracket. (5) Ensure choke opens and closes properly by pushing and/or pulling the cable knob or lever.

How do you replace choke cable in ATV Honda Foreman 450?

how do you replace a choke cable on a 2001 Honda 450 foreman

Change choke cable on Honda 2001 450 es foreman?

how do i change the choke cable on 2001 Honda foreman 450es

Why doesn't my choke cable remain out on my 1998 wide glide?

You need to adjust the Vernier knob on the choke. It is located behind the choke knob. It is a knurled ring that you tighten up to tighten the shaft friction on the choke cable

How do you change the choke cable on a Honda rancher 350?

To change choke switch on rancher atv 400

How do you adjust a choke on a 1994 750 Kawasaki Jet Ski?

Loosen the cable at the carb and hold the choke valve wide open. Then tighten the cable. Check to make sure it closes all the way when you pull the choke lever.

How do you connect a choke cable in a 1965 Chevy c-10?

how do you hook up a manuel choke on a small block chevy

How do you change the choke cable?

The procedure is somewhat different on different kinds of bikes but basically you have to disengage the cable at the choke lever on the handlebars or closer to the engine, depending on the type of bike. Then, you have to unfasten the part that is connected to the carburetor or carburetors. The cable may need to be adjusted to fit properly. Look for the specific model and year of bike or vehicle you have and how to change the choke cable.

Why would a relatively new Craftsman Front Tine Tiller not start Model 917292481 Behind the choke control it doesn't look to affect anything when moving selector from choke to run. Piece fell off?

The choke control should have a cable attached to it that attaches to the choke on the carburetor at the other end. If you have no movement at the carburetor when you move the choke lever, look for the cable to be disconnected at either the choke lever or the carburetor.

Where does the choke cable on a 1984 Honda goldwing attach to linkage?

The 1200 choke system uses a fuel enrichening circuit controlled by a bystarter valve. You would have to remove the lowers and carb. cover to see where the cable is attached.

What can be wrong with old 2 cylinder craftsman lawn tractor mower will not start with choke pulled have to cover carburetor with your hand?

Apparently, the choke linkage needs adjusting. Easiest way to determine is by removing the air filter and then pulling the choke control all the way and looking into the carburetor to see if the choke baffle is closed completely. If adjustment is needed, leave the choke on and loosen the cable hold-down screw; pull the cable back to where the choke baffle is completely closed, then re-tighten the hold-down screw.

How do you adjust the manual choke on a eldobrock 1405 series carburetor?

you need a pull choke cable to use it manually and then set it so when closed you can fit an 1/8" drill bit between the carb body and the choke flap.

Why does your 72 VW Beetle stop running when the gas pedal is pressed after the carburetor choke opens?

Choke linkage holds the throttle cable for a higher idle speed while cold. When you step on gas after choke is warmed up the throttle cable is released from the little cam type plate that has steps on it and allows the the cable to return to t's normal position. Sounds like the idle is set too low.

How do you change the choke cable on a 83 Honda shadow?

The choke cable starts out as a single cable at the lever on the handlebar lever and about half way down the cable it branches out into two cables, one for each carburetor.1. Remove both side covers and the seat.2. Remove the main fuel tank.3. At the carburetor assembly, slide back the rubber boot on the choke cable.4. Unscrew the choke valve nut and remove the choke cable, valve and spring from the carburetor.5. Repeat steps three and four for the other carburetor.6. Remove the clutch switch wires at the clutch lever.Caution: Cover the frame and front wheel with a heavy cloth or a plastic tarp to protect it from accidental spills.7. Remove the bolts and clamp securing the clutch master cylinder to the handlebar.8. Remove the clutch master cylinder and lay it over the front fender. Keep the reservoir in an upright position to minimize loss of hydraulic fluid and to keep air from entering the clutch system.9. Remove the screw securing the switch assembly together.10. Remove the choke cable from the switch and the choke lever assembly on the handlebar.11. Remove the plastic trim panels on each side of the steering head.Note: the piece of string on the next stop will be used to pull the new choke back through the frame. So it will be routed in the same position as the old cable.12. Tie a piece of heavy string or cord (approximately 7 feet or 2 meters long) to the carburetor end of each choke cable, wrap the end with masking or duck tape. Do not use an excessive amount of tape, as it must be pulled through the frame loop during removal. Tie the other end of the string to the frame or air box.13. Unhook the choke cable from any clips on the frame.14. At the choke lever end of the cable, carefully pull the cable assembly and attached string out through the frame and from behind the headlight housing. Make sure the attached strings follow the same path that the cable does through the frame.15. Remove the tape and untie the string from the old cable assembly.16. Lubricate the new cable assembly.17. Tie the string to the new choke cable assembly and wrap it with tape.18. Carefully pull the strings back through the frame, routing the new cable through the same path as the old cables.19. Remove the tape and untie the strings from the cable and the frame.20. Attach the choke cable onto the choke lever assembly.21. Install the choke valve unto the carburetor body.22. Tighten the choke valve nut by hand and then turn it an additional 1/4 turn with a 14 mm. wrench.23. Repeat steps 20 to 22 for the other carburetor.24. Install the switch/choke assembly on the handlebar and tighten the screws securely.25. Install the clutch master cylinder.26. Attach the clutch switch wires to the clutch lever.27. Operate the choke lever and make sure the carburetor linkage is operating correctly, with no binding. If operation is incorrect or there is binding, carefully check that the cable is attached correctly and there are no tight bends in the cable.28. Reinstall the main fuel tank, seat and sidecovers.29. Adjust the choke cable as required.

1978 vin plate location cj5?

Look on the fire wall to the left of the manual choke cable

When do you need to use a manual choke on a car?

If the car has fuel injection you cannot use a choke. however if the car has a carburetor without a automatic choke that is when add a manual choke cable to the carburetor choke flap. When you pull the choke flap closed it limits the air flow to the engine allowing for the engine to warm up so so it can atomize the fuel for the engine to run more efficiently. This is important in cold weather you almost always have to use a choke to start the engine.

Where is the choke cable location on a 1984 1100 goldwing?

The "84 models were 1200"s. The 1100's stopped in '83. On the'83, the choke is on the left side, should be a pull up small round button. On the '84, choke is on left side beside the flasher.

Where can I get a manual choke to replace the automatic one fitted to your 1600 air cooled VW t2 bay?

any auto parts store can sell you a manual pull on and pull off choke cable.

Where is the idling screw on a 33cc zooma gas powered scooter?

It's the phillips screw where the throttle cable leads into the choke

What is a fixed choke?

A fixed choke is a choke that can not be removed or changed.

Which is better DSL or cable internet?

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is normally better than a cable internet system because of choke points in cable systems. In a DSL setup your 'choke point' is at the provider, while in cable systems the repeaters and hubs can be choked in just 'your neighborhood' because of a high bandwidth user, long before you reach your providers connection to the internet. NOTE: Fiber Optic Cable (TV) services normally have a much higher bandwidth than the old coax systems, and less choke points. Of course that is raw systems, you will always find that some providers are just better at planning (provisioning) than others; so your results could vary.

How do you build a posi-lok cable system for front differential on 1989 jeep wrangler?

Any push-pull choke type cable system will work, look for a heavy duty cable in the parts store and attach it to the front axle after you remove the vacuum device.

What does the choke on a car choke?