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What is a chorus in drama?

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== == A group of actors who function as a unit, called a chorus, was a characteristic feature of the Greek tragedy. The members of the chorus shared a common identity, such as Asian Bacchantes or old men of Thebes. The choragos (leader of the chorus) sometimes spoke and acted separately. In some of the plays, the chorus participated directly in the action; in others they were restricted in observing the action and commenting on it. The chorus also separated the individual sins by singing and dancing choral odes, though just what the singing and dancing were like is uncertain. The odes were in strict metrical patterns; sometimes they were direct comments on the action and characters, and at other times they were more general statements and judgments. A chorus in Greek fashion is not common in later plays, although there are instances such as T.S. Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral, in which the Women of Canterbury serve as a chorus.

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What was the function of the chorus in Greek drama?

The chorus in Greek drama sang the dialogue, they told the story through music. The chorus gradually grew smaller and was replaced by actors instead.

What is Willow Smith's favorite subject in school?

I guess drama or chorus

How did Handel change the role of the chorus in his oratorios?

. He made it the center of the drama

What has the author Maarit Kaimio written?

Maarit Kaimio has written: 'Antiikin kirjallisuus ja sen vaikutus' -- subject(s): Classical literature, History and criticism 'The chorus of Greek drama within the light of the person and number used' -- subject(s): Chorus (Greek drama), Drama

What is the purpose of the chorus in the drama?

The purpose of a chorus is to help the actors role become more emphasized throughout the play. The chorus has a few actions here and there and sometimes they have a dance at some stages. HI STONE

What is the function of the choragos in the drama Oedipus the king?

The Choragos Plays the lead role of the chorus

What is a group of actors who explained the action that was taking place on the stage of an ancient Greek drama?


What has the author Elsie Winifred Helmrich written?

Elsie Winifred Helmrich has written: 'The history of the chorus in the German drama' -- subject(s): German drama, History and criticism

What is a chorus in Julius Caesar?

In ancient Greek drama a chorus is a group of actors who commented on the action of the play in unison. Those plays were written hundreds of years before Julius Caesar lived. There is no chorus in Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar.

Which of these terms is defined as a group of actors who explained the action that was taking place on the stage of an ancient Greek drama?


What terms is defined as a group of actors who explained the action that was taking place on the stage of an ancient Greek drama?

A chorus

What term is defined as a group of actors who explanied the action that was taking place on the stage of an ancient greek drama?


Is the chorus of any value to modern drama?

The Chorus still plays an integral part in modern theatre. In ancient Greek theatre, the Chorus would emphasize the main points of the plot line, just as the ensemble emphasizes the themes in song in modern musical theatre.

Who describes the setting of Romeo and Juliet?

The chorus does. In Greek drama that is a group of actors who come on stage and set the scene, but in Shakespeare it is one person.

What is an apostrophe in drama?

I wonder if you mean 'antistrophe'. In ancient Greek Drama the chorus delivering an ode would move across the stage in one direction (the strophe) and then turn and move in the opposite direction (the antistrophe). But since in rhetoric an apostrophe means a diversion or digression, I suppose that the turning point when the chorus switches from strophe to antistrophe could be considered an apostrophe too.

How many people are in the chorus of Romeo and Juliet?

The chorus in Romeo and Juliet is one person. Although a director could decide to have more than one person saying the chorus's lines, it was not designed that way. The function of the Chorus in Greek drama was to comment on what was going on in the play, and consisted of a group or groups of people. Shakespeare retained the function but not the form; his chorus comments on the action but does not consist of a group of people.

What is strophe and antistrophe?

Both terms refer to ancient Greek drama. Strophe = the first of two movements made by a chorus during the performance of a choral ode. Antistrophe = the second of two movements made by a chorus during the performance of a choral ode.

How many shows in the top 25 longest running Broadway shows have been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama?

The answer is two (2): A Chorus Line and Rent.

What is an opera chorus?

The chorus in an opera serves the same function as a chorus in Classic Greek Dramatic theatre. This is usually a narrative role, to underscore the drama in the story. The difference is that the opera chorus sings, of course. ========== While there are a few operas in which the chorus is an outside narrator and commentator, in most operas the chorus is part of the story, portraying the citizens of a village, or the sailors on the Dutchman's ship, or the followers of a captain, or the maids to Aida, or the friends of Butterfly, or the attendees at Cinderella's ball or Lucia's wedding celebration; you get the picture. They're groups of people, armies, villagers, friends, enemies, in the background, but part of the story.

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Why was Sophocles important?

He added a third actor and combined three plays into one play. He also increased the number of chorus members. This allowed greater possibilities in drama.

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What are the parts are in a song?

the main parts are verse1, pre-chorus, chorus, verse2, chorus, verse3, chorus, and bridge

What is a protaginist?

The main character in a drama or other literary work.In ancient Greek drama, the first actor to engage in dialogue with the chorus, in later dramas playing the main character and some minor characters as well.A leading or principal figure.The leader of a cause; a champion.

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