What is a ciguapa?

A ciguapa is a supernatural female creature, which is reported to be beautiful but evil, they originate from the mountains and sea of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Legends claim that their victims are mainly men who sight them, and fall in love with the ciguapa. A ciguapa makes love with the victim and and kills him afterwards. They are tall, beautiful long jet-black hair, glowing eyes, and magical, but strangely for centuries in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, at night shrill cries and sad howls are heard, every living thing in these two countries have been documented and researched and not one makes such a noise. Though there are sea ciguapas, who are afraid of humans, and hunt for food at night. Ciguapa: According to Dominican Repulican myth, strange wild women that inhabit the local mountains and have magical powers. The legends of this mysterious female presence go back to the earlier days of the local Taino natives. They allegedly have dark tanned skin and long, soft hair, so long it is supposed to be the only thing they need to cover their bodies with. Depending on the particular region, the Ciguapas are supposed to be either small entities, or be taller with very thin and very long legs, or to have their feet backwards, or be completely covered by soft hair, or completely covered by feathers, or live underwater.