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A citizenship test is a is a status given to a legal member of the United States.

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How can you become a us citizen if you are an immigrant?

you would have to apply for a citizen ship. which requires a citizenship test and a lot of other aspects

What is the citizen test?

the citizen test is a test only for is for them so they can become australian.

Mother was citizenship apply for son how long can apply citizen ship?

My mother was citizen apply for me have a green card but wondering how long I be able to apply citizen ship

What are the requirements to be a Warrant Officer in the US Army?

you must not have a criminal background and you must be at a healthyweight you cannot be over weight you must pass written test ifyou are not a u.s. citizen proof of citizen ship is required

Was the Titanic a submarine?

no, it was a citizen cruise ship

What is a palindrome for government or citizen ship?


How can a Indian marry with an polish citizen in India?

They can get married in a court and the court can allow the Polish citizen free citizen ship

Eea citizen need a life in uk test for British citizen or not?

Yes, the foreign citizen and immigrants need to be subjected for a UK test for them to be British citizens.

How do you become an American citizen if you are British?

Apply for American Citizen Ship, after you have met or exceeded the requirements

How can I be a Canadian citizen if you are American?

I have a dual citizen ship and am both Canadian and American You can do this by Immigrating to Canada

How do you claim citizen ship to US when you have duel citizen ship for US and Mexico?

You just look for your residence. Both the US and Mexico have a treaty allowing bi-nationality.

How do you become a citizen in us?

if your not from this country then you have to take a test, so you can become a citizen

What role the did religion play in the Connecticut colony?

It was The most Important role in the Connecticut colony because So many people believed and there wasn't a religious test for citizen ship.

How do you get enough money to buy a ship with cannons?

It's illegal for a private citizen to own a ship with cannons.

What are facts on Athena?

wisdom war and good citizen ship...

Do you have to marry to become a us citizen?

no, just take a citizen test. no marriage required

If a person is not born in theUS how do they become a citizen?

They take the citizenship test and they have to pass to become a citizen

How can an immigrant become Canadian citizen?

it's not that special, you get it through settlement or taking citizen test.

Can you go to Mexico with your copy of citizen ship?

No. You need your US passport.

How much does it cost for Australian citizenship test?

for Australian citizen ship test would be abot $635.00 and $60.00 fee but if you are 75 years old or even older will not have to pay $60.00 dollars extra but only 75 years old you pay$635.00

Does a costa rican become an American citizen if they marry an American?

No they do not become an American citizen. My mom was an imagrant and she had to take a test about the united states and passed , then she is a residence .So you have to take a test to become a citizen of the united states.

How could citizenship be attained?

By birth or by a test to be a citizen.

If marry a citizen can i become a citizen?

you can marry a citizen a citizen but after that you can straitly become a citizen if you werent born here you have to take a history and government test and learn how to speak enlish read enlish and write enlish

How do you view a ship fitters test?

you cant

Is a person born on a flagged us ship a natural born citizen?

Although the U. S. Constitution does not define natural born citizen, the Congressional Research Service has found numerous historical and legal writings that indicate that a natural born citizen is anyone who legally and Constitutionally qualifies as a U. S. citizen at the time of birth, including those who are born abroad to U. S. citizens and those born in the U. S. to foreign parents. Therefore, someone born on any ship is a U. S. citizen if his/her parents are. If the parents are not U. S. citizens, he/she is a citizen if the ship is within U. S. territorial waters at the time of birth. However, a person born on a flagged U. S. ship in international or foreign waters is not a U. S. citizen if neither of his/her parents is a U. S. citizen.

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