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A class D misdemeanor is the least serious type of misdemeanor you can be charged with. You could get this offense by stealing something of little value and most likely will be fined and serve very little or no jail time.

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Can you have firearms after a class d misdemeanor in Maine?

Depends on what the misdemeanor WAS.

What is the punishment for a Class D felony in Maine?

Class D crimes in Maine are not categorized as felonies, but rather a misdemeanor

Can a 17 year old be issued a class d misdemeanor?


What is class a misdemeanor?

Misdemeanor I was convicted of a Class A misdemeanor in 2002. How long does that stay on your record?

Is Harassing communications considered a class A or Class C misdemeanor in Arkansas?

yes, it is a class a misdemeanor.

What does misdemeanor d no extradition mean?

Unless thee is some wording missing from the question, it seems to be a notation for a "D" class misdemeanor offense, accompanied by a notation that no extradition (from another state) will be authorized.

Is resisting arrest a class c misdeamenor?

Resisting arrest is a Class A misdemeanor, but can be considered a Class D Felony if one tries to flee in a vehicle.

Is consumption of alcohol by a minor a class A misdemeanor in Utah?

no it is a class b misdemeanor

How can someone get a class c misdemeanor?

By committing a Class "C" misdemeanor offense.

Is terroristic threat a class b misdemeanor?

Is terroristicthreat a class b misdemeanor?

Is a class a misdemeanor a felony?

No, it's a misdemeanor.

What is the punishment for a Class D misdemeanor in New York State?

Up to 6 months in prison.

Does class D felony give you a criminal record?

Yes even a misdemeanor gives you a record

What is a class b felony misdemeanor?

A felony is not a misdemeanor, and a misdemeanor is not a felony.

Can you have firearms after a class d misdemeanor in georgia?

Depends on what the misdemeanor WAS. A crime of domestic violence or drug use will be a bar to gun ownership under FEDERAL law.

Can you buy a gun with a Class A misdemeanor?

Depends on what the misdemeanor was.

Is a class e misdemeanor worst than a class c misdemeanor?

Didn't you learn your alphabet?

What kind of misdemeanor will you have after completing probation on a class 2 felony for burglary?

It will be a class c misdemeanor

What is the difference between class a and class b misdemeanor in new york state?

A Class "A" misdemeanor is punishable by imprisonment of up to one year. A Class "B" misdemeanor is punishable by imprisonment of up to six months.

What is a class D crime in Maine?

In Maine a class D crime is the next to the lowest class. It is punishable by up to 364 days incarceration and a $2,000 fine. Crime classes in Maine range from Class A to Class E. They are no longer classified in terms of misdemeanor and felony.

How much jail time for class D misdemeanor in Maine?

from 1 day up to 365 days imprisonment

Is minor in possession in Texas a misdemeanor?

Yes, it is a Class C Misdemeanor.

Can you buy a gun with a class c misdemeanor?

Yes, a class c misdemeanor is essentially a traffic violation or the equivalent.

What class misdemeanor is a concealed gun?

a class 1

How long does a class 2 misdemeanor stay on your record in Nebraska?

A Class II misdemeanor stays on your record for 12 years. If convicted of another Class II within that 12 years under the same section, It will be counted as a Class I misdemeanor.

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