What is a clothing swing tag?

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A clothing swimg tag is a poo!

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Q: What is a clothing swing tag?
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What is a swing tag?

a swing tag is the tag on clothes to check the price and it tells you keep it away from fire ________________________________________________________________ A swing tag is obviously the tag that swings from the clothing. It is different to the care label (care label is attached on the inside of the garment with information about how to take care of it and flammiblity warnings). It has the brand/logo printed on it, the price, the size, the name of the garment, etc.

What is a clothing tag called?

A clothing tag.

How do i find out the name of my Beanie Baby?

It wil have it either on it's Tosh tag or on it's swing tag. It wil have it either on it's Tosh tag or on it's swing tag.

What is another word for clothing tag?

Label is a common word for clothing tag.Other words include:Brand (tag)CorsePrice (tag)Stamp (tag)StripTag

What is on a clothing hang tag?

A clothing hang tag is a piece of paper or card attached to a piece of clothing like shirts or jeans. The tag contains information about the clothing, like its brand, size, price, and barcode.

How should you take care of your clothes?

If you have bought your clothing somewhere, it will have a tag telling you how to clean and care for the item in question. Wash the clothing or send it out for cleaning as directed on the tag whenever the clothing is dirty. If indicated on the tag, you can iron or press the clothing if you need to.

What is the difference between clothing tag gun and garment tag gun?

The clothing tag gun and the garment tag gun are essentially the same thing just called a different name. Some companies just name their products differently.

What is the label on presents and clothing called?

The label on a clothing or present is call a tag or trademark.

What clothing brand has butterfly on tag but no words?


What kind of informations can you usually find on the clothing tag?

You can find washing, drying, and care instructions, the fabrics used in the garment, the manufacturer of the article, and the size on a clothing tag.

What is the label on a present or clothing called?

That is normally known as a tag

What information should be in a swing tag?

logo brand size name of garment price etc

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