What is a clown?

A Clown is a entertainer (Usually for kids) who dresses up in bright clothes, big shoes and usually wears wig or a oversized/undersized hat.

Makeup: Whiteface Clowns wear a full white face with a red nose and red highlighted cheecks. Auguste Clowns wear whit only around their eyes and sometimes their mouth and have rouge colored faces. Hobo Clowns are rugged looking with a beard and a red nose and white around the mouth and eyes to represent soot being wiped away.

Types of Clowns: The Whiteface is the leader of the pack (the boss) , the Auguste is the crazy/silly clown who always gets things wrong and the hobo is the one everyone feels sorry for but is full of life.

Clown Jobs:
Circus Clowns: There clowns entertain in the circus and work as a group
Private Party Clowns: These are your kids party clowns and they have skills such as magic shows, balloons and face painting
Buskers: These clowns walk around and make fools of themselves