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Could be dermatitis, psoriasis, a viral infection....


look up keratosis pilaris, could be this, its very common


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Q: What is a cluster of small non-itchy red spots a bit raised from the skin?
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What disease causes rose spots?

Rose spots-- Small slightly raised reddish pimples that are a distinguishing feature of typhoid or paratyphoid infection.

What are the small raised red spots on feet only called?

i have theses red spots on my feet and i don't no where they come from can you tell me what they are and is it a disesese thank you zoe parish aged 16

What are small light brown spots that do not hurt or itch are not raised and are not dry all over the body?

my daughter has rash of brown spots on her arms, back, chest, abdomen and upper leggs..they do not hurt...just there..looks likes spots all over her

You have some very small slightly raised white oval spots appearing on your body you are black?

Could be vitiligo, from excess sun exposure.

What are the light spots on the moon?

the light spots on the Moon is the mountains or the rocks that are raised above the moons surface.

Is it possible that you can have some sort of acne on your penis do you know how to get rid of it?

Acne on the penis is pretty unlikely, if you have small raised spots on the skin of the penis they could simply be Fordcye spots which are very common in many men. If the spots worry you at all see a doctor. In the meantime see the related link.

What are small brown spots on lower legs?

Small brown spots on lower legs could be freckles.

What are small brown spots like freckles tha just appeared on your stomach?

I have no idea. But this freckle like cluster just appeared one day last week. Going to the doctor to get it checked out.

Why do cats have black spots on the tongue?

The spots are harmless pigmentation unless they are raised.

How do you tell if a stinkbug is a male or female?

Just below the feelers (Proestiums) are two lilac spots known as the cualstrums or sexing spots. On a male stink bug these small spots (ranging from 2-3 millimetres in width) will be raised and bumpy, whereas on a female the spots are smooth and level with the insects underbelly (stomachius).

what do the spots lo?

what do the spots look like? Are they large or many small spots together? Are you having an outbreak now?

Your 3 year old has 3 small separate spots on his back about the size of a penny Each spot has about 8 to 10 little raised bumps on it some with a little tiny scab over the bump What is that?

if the spots are brownish and almost perfectly round it could be ringworm

Wht are the light spots on the moon?

Mountains or rocks that are raised above the moons surface.

Small red spots on stomach?

Small red spots on your stomach could be an irritation from a detergent or lotion. If it gets worse or spreads, visit you doctor

I have 4 light brown spots under my arm. They are circular are not raised don't cause me any discomfort and I wouldn't have noticed them at all had they not been new. What are they?

Four light brown spots under your arm could just be sun spots from being in the sun. However they could be cancerous if they grow, become raised, or become darker.

Will you fail the Royal Marines Medical because of fordyce spots - small painless raised pale or white spots or bumps 1 to 3 mm in diameter that appear the shaft of the penis are of cosmetics only?

well the doctor will certainly look at your genitals to assess if u are medically fit to serve

What is a labybug?

a small red bug with spots

What does toxic black mold look like?

Toxic black mold may start out looking like small black spots on the wall, floor, ceiling or area that it is growing. They tend to cluster together in spots and can look like a splatter of dirt. Early on they can look like insect waste but they will grow and don't simply wipe away.

What are non-itchy and long lasting red raised spots mostly on your stomach back and chest?

What is four red spots on stomach different sizes, that don't itch?

What are small spots over your testicles and penis and how can you get rid of them?

go see a doctor i would say == If you are talking about the small white spots then they are normal and nothing to worry about. You will also see the spots where your pubic hair will grow, they are just pimples.

What are small brown spots that do not hurt or itch are slightly raised on inner thighs on woman had long time and get darker spread more in summer?

Skin tags from the legs rubbing together. Tanning will make them darker.

How are sun spots formed?

Sunspots are created from the sun's magnetism. When the magnetic field moves across it, some areas form raised magnetic spots from the surface, known as sunspots.

What kind of turtle is black with yellow spots?

A spotted turtle, the yellow spots are small and scattered around the shell.

What are small white spots on your penis?

You shouldn't have any...

What is the small red spots on your grape leaves?

a virus

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