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What is a code 19 for 99 ford Taurus airbag?

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Code 19 for a 99 Ford Taurus means the restraint control module crash data memory is full. If you replace the RCM, the code will reset.

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evidentally this vehicle has been wrecked. Code 19 means "crash data memory full." This code cannot be erased, the restraints control module has to be replaced.

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Lamp Flash Code 19 means that the RCM Crash Data Memory is full. In other words, at some time in the past, the airbags have deployed and the record of the event is recorded in the Restraints Control Module. The troubleshooting procedure says that the RCM must be replaced to clear LFC 19.

Airbag code 19 indicates that the RCM has detected a circuit problem with the driver's side airbag circuit. That might mean a connector or a clock spring fault or the airbag or RCM has failed electrically. It is STRONGLY recommend to leave airbag system repairs to someone with the proper training and equipment as it can be hazadrous to your health to try and repair it youself.

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This most likely is a "Clock Spring". This a device under the steering wheel that conects the airbag, to the car wiring while allowing the steering wheel to turn

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According the Owners Manual page 137, fuse #'s 19 & 21 in the fusebox that is in the *engine compartment* cover the headlights.See "Related Questions" below for more

I believe axle code 19 is for a Ford conventional axle ( non limited slip ) with a 3.55 ratio

19 Conventional non-Positraction Differential 3.55

On a 2001 Ford Taurus : In the power distribution box ( which is " live " ) located in the engine compartment , near the battery : Fuse ( # 19 ) is a 15 amp mini fuse for the right side headlight ( passenger side ) You can view the 2001 Ford Taurus owners manual online at : www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ) Click on Owner Guides ( page 151 has a diagram of the power distribution box )

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