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6X Signal Fault The 6X output signal is a five volt square wave that is initially high. The signal switches low at each of the six. 60 degrees crankshaft position (CKP) sensor pulses. The 6X signal is used by the PCM for greater rpm resolution and in determining KS circuit (system) (knock retard) windowing. Diagnostic Trouble Code parameters: DTC 19 will set if: Three 6X pulses do not occur between each reference pulse. A 6X pulse does not immediately follow a reference pulse.

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Q: What is a code 19 signal fault on a 1992 Saturn twin cam?
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What is fault code C0755 in Chevy Tahoe?

Left front tire pressure monitor fault signal.

What is Volvo fault code P1308?

Trouble code P1308 means: Acceleration Sensor, Signal

What is Volvo S60 fault code P0722?

Trouble code P0722 means:Output speed sensor circuit no signal

What does the code P1650 refer to on a 1998 Saturn?

Trouble code P1650 means: Cooing Fan Relay Circuit Fault

How do you troubleshoot a fault code 54 on a 1997 dodge stratus?

Code 54-No cam signal at the PCM-No camshaft position sensor signal detected during engine cranking.

What does code p1650 mean for a 99 Saturn sl1?

Trouble code P1650 means: Cooing Fan Relay Circuit Fault

What are fault code's P0300 and P1320 for 2000 maxima?

Trouble code P0300 means:Multiple cylinder misfire detected Trouble code P1320 means:Ignition signal primary circuit fault

What does the fuel failure code FF14 mean on a 1992 xjs v12?

92 XJS 5.3Ltr Engine code 8s Fault code FF14 Engine Coolant Temprature (ECT) Sensor fault.

What does code Po717 mean for a 1996 Saturn sl 1?

Trouble code P0717 means:Input/turbine speed sensor circuit,no signal

What is code 0731 on check engine light for 96 Nissan maxima?

Code P0731 means A/T first gear signal fault

Engine code P1115?

I believe P1115 is the fault code for Ambient Temperature. P1115 is engine coolant temperature signal from ECM to PCM.

What does fault code 55 mean for 1992 Chrysler new yorker?

It is the end code, meaning there are no more codes to flash or show. It is not an error code.

Fault code p 1080 what is it?

basically, p 1080 is a fault code that faults many codes, it faults codes that is a code for a fault, when you get a faulty code you need to un fault it with a code called p 1080, which is a fault code that measures fault codes!

Is it possible to remove a fault code on a 1992 F150 by cycling the ignition?

if the fault has been fixed, u can remove code by disconnecting battery for 5 minutes then reconnecting battery if fault has not been fixed, it will keep showing up until it is fixed

What do warning code P1651 in Volvo v70 mean?

P1651 is the same as Volvo code 981A, engine control module internal fault / faulty signal.

Where do I start trouble shooting a Dakota with a fault code 54?

54 No camshaft signal detected during engine cranking.**

What is fault code P1857 in VW passat?

''Load signal error message from engine contr.'' Any wiser ? No, me neither...

What is code P1361 on a Holden VX Commodore?

This code is set when the pcm gives 5v signal to ignition bypass and dose not get a return signal from icm, check wiring at pcm and icm possible icm fault, or crank sensor.

What is the diagnostic code 11 for a dodge ram van 1500 series 8 cylinder 5.2 liter?

Fault code 11 is for loss of crankshaft sensor signal.

What is fault code 12546 on a hyster forklift?

what is the fault code 1347-7 on a hyster forklift

What is code 998 on a 1992 ford ranger?

My Haynes and Chilton manuals show 998 - hard fault present

Where is camshaft position sensor on 97 Saturn?

There isn't a camshaft position sensor. If you are asking because of an error code you received, it is caused by a signal that mimics the same signal as a camshaft position sensor.

What is no code fault?

no code fault, means there is a fault in vehicle which is not e,ectonic or computer related this means that the fault will need to be found by a mechanic not a machine

How do you fix a p1648?

Need car type since that code means entirely different things on a Chrysler for example or a Saturn-the number is not the same fault for all

What is fault code P0102 in a Chevy Tahoe?

what is fault code P0102 in a Chevy Tahoe?