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Try brolliologist

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brolly man

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Q: What is a collector of umbrellas called?
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What items were originally called hanways?


Where can I get wholesale patio umbrellas?

There are a few different websites that offer wholesale prices on patio umbrellas. One of the websites is called Wholesale Umbrellas, you could also check Ebay.

Where can one find outdoor umbrellas on sale?

A website called has patio umbrellas on sale up to 30% off regular prices. They have aluminum umbrellas, wood umbrellas, fiberglass umbrellas made of good quality materials. Their customer ratings are good, and shipping costs are kept to a minimum.

What is a shell collector called?

A shell collector is called a conchologist.

What is a postcard collector called?

A postcard collector is called a Deltiologist.

What is a keyring collector called?

A Key collector is called a copoclephilist

What is a collector of car called?

A car collector.

What is a collector of frogs called?

Frog Collector

Did umbrellas exist in Victorian times?

Yes, but they were called parasols.

What is a colouring book collector called?

Um, it should be called a coloring book collector.

What is the plural for umbrella?

The plural of umbrella is umbrellas.

What was the name of the tax collector Jesus called?

The tax collector who Jesus called to be a disciple was Matthew.

What is a cigarette pack collector called?

Cigarette Pack Collector.

What do you call a collector of dolls?

A collector of dolls is called a planganologist.

What do you call a collector of thimbles?

A collector of thimbles is called a digitalbulist

What is a certificate collector called?

A collector of certificates, a certificate enthusiast!

What is a numismatist called?

A coin collector? That is what a numismatist means is a collector of coins.

What is a marble collector called?

A marble collector. lol

How many umbrellas are lost each year on the London underground?

about 80,000 umbrellas

Do rabbits have umbrellas?

No they don't have umbrellas.

What are the best outdoor umbrellas?

From the research done on outdoor Umbrellas, it seems as though Coral Coast is a very popular and inexpensive umbrella. They have a 4 year warranty on them as well as a Kevlar material for the cable that lifts and closes the umbrella, which keeps it from fraying. These umbrellas can be found cheapest on a site called

What do you think of garden umbrellas Do they hold up?

In my experience, garden umbrellas are great (if you know where to look and if you buy quality umbrellas. I wouldn't recommend aluminium garden umbrellas. Wood umbrellas would be your best choice. You should find all sorts of umbrellas at your local Home and Garden center.

What is a collector of butterflies and moths called?

A lepidopterist (expert or collector of butterflies/moths).

In the Victorian times did they have umbrellas?

Yes, they had umbrellas.

Is there outdoor umbrellas on sale in town somewhere? is the leading source for Outdoor Patio Umbrellas, Market Umbrellas, and Offset Umbrellas & Patio Umbrella Stands. Just for this month, offering outdoor umbrellas on sale in Aniak Town City.