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it is worth about £278/$313.

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You can get a manual from Colt

The horse is a colt, and Colt is the name of the gun company.

Pat Jan 25 1910 25 auto 2" barrel

In order to tell how old your Colt 25 semi auto pistol is, you will need to offer the serial number. This number gives you an idea of when the pistol was manufactured.

made 1917. value depends on condtion

According to, the Colt model 1908 hammerless .25 was made in 1921, making it about 88 years old

No such serial number for a Colt 25 ACP

Yes, Colt and others made them for Colt

if your colt 25 auto is a model 1908 hammerless,it was made in 1927.

My grandfather's pistol used in ww1

If your referring to the Beretta 21 in .25 auto, late model, no modifications, good condition. $275.00

The 25 ACP wasn't invented until 1906. Colt didn't make a pistol for it until 1908.

A Colt hammerless .25 with that serial number was made in 1925.

Go to this website, and scroll down to Colt .25 or Colt .25 hammerless and it will give you the manuals with all the instructions on how to disassemble.

Small and inexpensive.

Go to this site and click on Colt .25 hammerless. It will bring up the instuctions