What is a comic's straightman called?

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What are the release dates for Straightman - 1999?

Straightman - 1999 was released on: USA: 1999 Portugal: 22 September 2000 (Lisbon Gay and Lesbian Film Festival) Canada: 27 April 2001

Where do i get nagraj comics?

A person can get Nagrai comics through the Play Store. Comics are available through an app called Nagraj Comics in Hindi.

How old are marvel comics?

Marvel Comics started in 1961, That is when it is officially called "Marvel Comics", or Marvel Entertainment.

Who writes the DC comic books?

DC comics! thats their name it's short for Detective Comics but before that it was called Action comics. DC comics has no relation to Marvel comics by the way.

What is tintin's curious white mongral called?

Snowy, in the English comics. Milou, in the French comics.

What are comics?

a comic most of the times is a short little story which u can find in newspapers som comic company and writers are marvel,the grim brothers and much more there are also graphic novels which are realy good kinds of comics,the japanease comics are called manga the American comics are called American comics (very boring name) the European comics are called franco belgian comics and they are many more comics a comic is also very thin most of the times and they are normally about things like batman and spider man and stuff like that

Why is marvel called marvel?

Marvel Comics started out as a publishing company called Timely Comics in 1939. In the 1950's, the company name changed to Atlas comics, but was not destined to stay that way for long. In 1961, the company name began to switch to Marvel Comics, which it has stayed ever since.

Funny parts of the newspapers What is it called?

The comics section.

What a person is called who writes comics?

A comedy writer

What is the drum sound made at the end of a comics joke called?

it is called a rim shot

Archie comics in DVD?

it's called the Archie show

In DC comics what is the normal universe called?

new earth

What doe DC stand for in DC comics?

It stands for "Detective Comics", which was the original name, but later fans started to simply call it "DC"! Your welcome :) Oh and to add on it is officially DC Comics; it's no longer Detective Comics. Not long after they come out, readers called them DC Comics for short so often that they adopted the name officially. This is not to be confused with Diamond Comics Distributors, whose initials are DCD because DC Comics has copyrighted "DC".

When was marvel created?

It was made in 1931, but it was first called Timely Comics.

Is there a superhero called hawk man?

yes he is a DC comics superhero

What does DC on a comic mean?

DC is the name of a comic publishing company. DC comes from one of the companies original comics called Detective Comics.

What is a list of girl superheroes?

Alice (Resident Evil series)Amber (Eclipse Comics)American Dream (Marvel Comics-MC2)Andromeda (DC Comics)Andromeda (Marvel Comics)Angela (Image Comics)Argent (DC Comics)Atom Eve (Image)Atomic Betty (television series title character)Aurora (Marvel Comics)B.Orchid (Killer Instinct)Barb Wire (Dark Horse comics)Barbarella (V-Magazine)Beautiful Dreamer (DC Comics)Bella Donna (Marvel Comics)Binary (Marvel Comics)Black Canary (DC Comics)Black Cat (Harvey Comics)Black Cat (Marvel Comics)Black Cherry X ( 2000 AD)Black Orchid (DC Comics)Black, Vera (aka Sister Superior) (DC Comics)Black Widow (Marvel Comics)Black Widow (Timely Comics)Blink (Marvel Comics)Blue Ranger (Power Rangers)Boom Boom (Marvel Comics)Bounty (Marvel)Blitzkrieg (Antarctic Press)Brandy (Image Comics)Buff (Marvel Comics)Bumblebee (DC Comics)Burnout (Eclipse Comics)Callisto (Marvel Comics)Captain Marvel (Marvel Comics)Captain UK (Marvel Comics)Captain Universe (Marvel Comics)The Cat (Marvel Comics)Cat Claw (Malibu comics)Celsius (DC Comics)Cerise (Marvel Comics)Circuit Breaker (Transformers)Chance (Marvel Comics)Chase (DC Comics)Abbey Chase (see Danger Girl)CherryCinnamon (DC Comics)Clea (Marvel Comics)Cobweb (America's Best Comics)Colt (AC Comics)Comet Queen (DC Comics, Legion of Super-Heroes}Copycat (Marvel Comics)Crimson Avenger III (DC Comics)Crimson Curse (Marvel Comics-MC2)Crimson Fox (DC Comics)Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)Crystal (Marvel Comics)Cutey Honey (title character)Cyclone (DC Comics) (DC Comics)Dagger (Marvel Comics)Dart (DC Comics)Dawn (Sirius Comics)Dazzler (Marvel Comics)Dead Girl (Marvel Comics)Karolina Dean (Marvel Comics)Deep Blue (DC Comics)Destiny (Marvel Comics)Devi (Virgin Comics)Diamond (Blink Comics)Diamondback (Marvel Comics)Diamond Lil (Marvel Comics)Brittany Diggers (Antarctic)Doctor Light (DC Comics)Doll Girl (DC Comics)Dolphin (DC Comics)Domino (Marvel Comics)Domino Lady (Pulps)Dove as Dawn Granger (DC Comics)Dragonfly (AC Comics)Dream Girl (DC Comics)Dumb Bunny (DC Comics)Dusk (Marvel Comics)Dust (Marvel Comics)Dynamite Girl (Antarctic Press)Echo (Marvel Comics)Empress (DC)Energizer (from Power Pack) (Marvel)Enigma (M6kid)Faith (DC Comics)Fallen Angel (DC Comics)Fathom (Aspen Comics)Feral (Marvel)Fever (DC Comics)Fire (DC Comics)Firebrand (DC Comics)Flash (Just Imagine...) (DC Comics)Flash (Tangent) (DC Comics)Tara Fremont (AC comics)Free Spirit (Marvel Comics)Adrienne Frost (Marvel Comics)Emma Frost (Marvel Comics)Fury I (DC Comics)Fury II (DC Comics)Dorothy Gale (Wizard of Oz}Ganymede (Marvel Comics)Ghost (Dark Horse Comics)Glitter (Marvel - New Universe)Glory (various)Gloss (DC Comics)Godiva (DC Comics)Grace (DC Comics)Jean Grey (Marvel Comics)Max Guevara (from live-action TV show Dark Angel)Gypsy (DC Comics)Halo (DC Comics)Harbinger (DC Comics)Hawk as Holly Granger and Sasha Martens (DC Comics)Molly Hayes (Marvel Comics)Hellcat (Marvel Comics)Heather Hudson, formerly Sasquatch, Exiles member (Marvel Comics)Huntress (DC Comics)Husk (Marvel Comics)Ice (DC Comics)Insect Queen (DC Comics)Indigo (DC Comics)Invisible Scarlet O'Neil (Newspaper Strip)Invisible Woman (Marvel Comics)Natasha Irons (DC Comics)Isis (DC Comics)Jack Phantom (America's Best Comics)Jade (DC)Jaguar (Archie Comics and then Impact Comics)Jet (DC Comics)Jocasta (Marvel Comics)Jolt (Marvel Comics)Rhea Jones (aka Lodestone) (DC Comics)Joystick (Marvel Comics)Jubilee (Marvel Comics)Jungle Girl (various)Jennifer Kale (Marvel Comics)Bette Kane (DC Comics)Nova Kane (First)Karma (Marvel Comics)Laurel Kent (DC Comics)Kid Quantum III (DC Comics)Kismet (Marvel Comics)Misty Knight (Marvel Comics)Knockout (DC Comics)Kris aka "Golden Guardsman" (Innovation)Kristin (Comics Interview)Lady Luck The Spirit SectionJuniper Lee (The Life and Times of Juniper Lee)Liberty BelleLightning Lass (a.k.a. Light Lass, Gossamer, Spark) (DC Comics)LimeLittle Mermaid (DC Comics)Looker (DC Comics)Loria (see Blood Pack (comics) version) (DC Comics)M (Marvel Comics)Madame .44 (DC Comics)[3]Madame Xanadu (DC Comics)Madame Mirage (Top Cow Productions)The Magdalena (Top Cow Productions)Magdalene (Marvel Comics)Magma (Marvel Comics)Maiden JusticeMarrow (Marvel Comics)Marvel Girl (Marvel Comics)Mary Marvel a.k.a. Captain Marvel (DC Comics)Mindy (Marvel Comics)Aspen Matthews (Aspen Comics)Maya (DC Comics)Medusa (Marvel Comics)The Menagerie (DC Comics)Merry, Girl of 1000 Gimmicks (DC Comics)Mirage (DC Comics)Miss America (DC Comics)Miss America (Marvel Comics)Miss FuryMs. Victory (AC comics)Mockingbird (Marvel Comics)Moonstone (Marvel Comics)Motormouth (Marvel Comics)Ms. Liberty (Antarctic Press)Ms. Mystic (originally Pacific Comics, then Continuity Comics)Mystique (Marvel Comics)Negative Woman (DC Comics)Nemesis II (DC Comics)Nemesis (Marvel Comics)Neon Queen (Mystery Inc. member) (Image Comics)Night Girl (DC Comics)Nightshade (DC Comics)Nikki (Marvel Comics)NiobeNocturne (Marvel Comics)Onyx (DC Comics)Oracle (DC Comics)Oracle (The Matrix)Penance (Marvel Comics)Phantom Girl a.k.a. Apparition (DC Comics)Phantom LadyPhoenix (Marvel Comics)Photon (Marvel Comics)Pink Ranger (Power Rangers)Pixie (Marvel Comics)Polaris (as Overdrive) (Marvel Comics)Kim Possible (from the self-titled cartoon series)Power Girl (DC Comics)Power Princess (Marvel Comics)Princess Daisy (Mario)Princess Peach (Mario)Princess Zelda (Legend of Zelda)Queen of SwordsJesse Quick (DC Comics)Cecilia Reyes (Marvel Comics)Rad (AC comics)Rainbow (Eclipse Comics)Rampage (DC Comics)Raptor (Marvel Comics-MC2)Rapture (Transformers)Raven (DC Comics)Red Guardian (Marvel Comics)Red Sonja (Marvel Comics)Ellen Ripley (Alien series)Robin as Stephanie Brown or Carrie Kelly.Rogue (Marvel Comics)Rose and Thorn II (DC Comics)Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)Sabra (Marvel Comics)Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (Archie Comics)Sage (Marvel Comics)Saturn Girl (DC Comics)Scarlet Witch (Marvel Comics)ScorpionSecret (DC Comics)Selene (Underworld)Shadow Lass a.k.a. Umbra (DC Comics)Shadow Hunter (Virgin Comics)Shanna the She Devil (Marvel Comics)Shamrock (Marvel Comics)She-Hulk (Marvel Comics)She-Ra [She-Ra: Princess of Power]She-Thing (Marvel Comics)She-Venom (Marvel Comics)Sheena (Wags)Shrinking Violet (DC Comics)Silhouette (Marvel Comics)Silver Sable (Marvel Comics)Silver ScorpionSkids (Marvel Comics)Silver Fox (Marvel Comics)Snowbird (Marvel Comics)Speedy II (DC Comics)Spider Girl (DC Comics)Spider-Girl (Marvel Comics-MC2)Spider-Woman (Marvel Comics)Dorothy Spinner (DC Comics)Spitfire (Marvel Comics)Spoiler (DC Comics)Spellbinder (Harmony Concepts)Squirrel Girl (Marvel Comics)Stacy X (Marvel Comics)Stardust (AC comics)Star-Spangled Kid (DC Comics)Stature (Marvel Comics)Stinger(Cassandra Lang) (Marvel Comics-MC2)Storm (Marvel Comics)Stunner (Marvel Comics)Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)Rachel Summers (Marvel Comics)Sun Girl (Marvel Comics)Superwoman (DC Comics)Surge (Marvel)Sydney Savage (see Danger Girl)Tank Girl (published by Dark Horse Comics)Tara (Marvel Comics)Terra (DC Comics, Teen Titans)Thor Girl (Marvel Comics)Thunder III (DC Comics)Topaz (Marvel Comics)Traci 13 (DC Comics)Triplicate Girl a.k.a. Duo Damsel, Triad (DC Comics)Donna Troy (DC Comics)Tsunami (DC Comics)Turbo (Marvel Comics)Valkyrie (Marvel Comics)Venus (Marvel Comics)Vindicator (Marvel Comics)Virtuous Venus (Harmony Concepts)Vixen (DC Comics)Vogue (various)Wallflower (Marvel Comics)The Wasp (Marvel Comics)The White Witch (DC Comics)Wild Thing (Marvel Comics-MC2)Wind Dancer (Marvel Comics)Colleen Wing (Marvel Comics)The Woman in Red (Standard Comics)Wonder Girl (DC Comics)Wonder Tot (DC Comics)Wonder Woman (DC Comics)Wonder Woman (Just Imagine...) (DC Comics)Word Girl (Television series title character)X-23 (Marvel Comics)Xena - Xena: Warrior PrincessXS (DC Comics)Yellow Ranger (Power Rangers)

Where can you read x men comics for free?

The website has a section called Web Comics. While you do have to pay to gain access to the entire library, there are many free sample comics, including some X-men comics. Not the best if you want to follow the story, but the quality is very nice.

Free comic book price guides?

There is a web site called Comics Price Guide. There is also - a site which collects comics auction results.

When was DC comics established?

It was founded in 1934 as National Allied Comics.As early as 1940, they started using the name "Superman-DC" (After their two most successful books, Superman and Detective Comics, which was where Batman was first introduced in #27), with their earliest version of the DC Comics logo being found at the time. They were called DC Comics from then on by readers, even though, officially, they were still called "Superman-DC". It was until 1977 that the company OFFICIALLY adopted the name DC Comics.

Where are the comics at nabooti?

there is no comics

Where you can read free comics online but in a Place that isn't Marvel Digital comics or HTML comics?

Grand Database Comics...

When was Archie comics invented?

Archie Comics started out in 1939 as MLJ Comics

Who published the futurama and simpsons comics?

Futurama comics is published by Bongo comics

How can you comics online for free?

You can get free comics online on Indian comics online