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The inner planets are all terrestrial - they are "rocky". The outer planets are gas giants.

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Q: What is a common feature of inner planets?
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Related questions

What feature do all the inner planets have in common?

None of the inner planets have rings.

Which group of planets has more in common the inner planets or the outer planets?

All the inner planets are terrestrial planets.

What physical characteristic do the inner planets have in common?

All inner planets have no rings.

What properties do inner planets have in common?

The inner planets have a warmer climate, are small, and are much rockier than the outer planets.

What do all of th inner planets have in common?

All for of the inner planets are similar in composition. They all have a clearly defined surface, unlike the gas giant planets.

What do the inner planets and Pluto have in common?

pluto is not a planet

What physical characteristics do the inner planets have in common?

They have no rings.

What are they called the four planets closer to the sun?

"The Inner Planets" is the common term for the four planets closest to our sun.

What do the four inner planets have in common with the four outer planets?

They're all planets, they have a core, and there are a few others.

Name the outer planets and describe three feature they share?

The outer planets' names are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The 4 outer planets closest to the sun are all known as the gas giants. They all have a longer year than the inner planets. And they all are colder than the inner planets.

What feature is shared by all the inner planets?

They are very small compared to outer planets, mostly made up of rocks, closer to the sun and they do not have rings.

What are the common features of the inner planets?

there all solid and has land

What are the characteristics that the inner planets have in common?

They are small and have rocky surfaces...

What are the common characteritics of the inner planets?

they are small and have rocky surfaces

None of the inner planets have what?

none of the inner planets

What do all inner planets have in common?

They are small and have rocky surfaces.its there size and so is for outer planets

Why do all the inner planets have in common?

The inner planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars are are all relatively small, they are all rocky, they all have a relatively thin atmosphere.

Why are inner planets different than outer planets?

Inner planets. are inner & outer planets. are outer

What do Earth Mercury and Venus have in common?

they are all inner planets.

Are all planets alike?

sorta there are inner and outer planets the inner planets are alike and outer planets are alike to but inner and outer planets are different.

List inner planets and why they are inner planets?

The inner planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. They are "inner" because the are the first 4 planets from the Sun.

What features do all inner planets have in common?

The four inner planets are all compact, mostly solid and made primarily from rock and metal. They have either one, two or no moons, and no rings.

What is the next thing after the inner planets?

After the inner planets you get the outer planets.

Who has higher density inner planets or outer planets?

Inner planets

Inner an outer planet similarities?

The inner and outer planets are The same because The Inner planets are not made out of gas The outer planets are bigger than inners The outer planets are the coldest The Inner planets are rocky The inner planets are terrestrial The outer planets can't support life The inner planets have iron cores The outer are the furthest from the sun The outer planets haveno rocky surface