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The inner planets are all terrestrial - they are "rocky". The outer planets are gas giants.


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None of the inner planets have rings.

The inner planets have a warmer climate, are small, and are much rockier than the outer planets.

All for of the inner planets are similar in composition. They all have a clearly defined surface, unlike the gas giant planets.

"The Inner Planets" is the common term for the four planets closest to our sun.

They're all planets, they have a core, and there are a few others.

Inner planets. are inner & outer planets. are outer

they are small and have rocky surfaces

They are small and have rocky surfaces.its there size and so is for outer planets

The inner planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. They are "inner" because the are the first 4 planets from the Sun.

After the inner planets you get the outer planets.

They are called the inner planets because between Mars and Jupiter there is a asteroid belt dividing the the outer planets and inner planetsThe inner planets are also know as the Rocky Planets and the Outer Planets are also known are Gas GiantsAnd historically its just because the inner planets are closer to the sun.

sorta there are inner and outer planets the inner planets are alike and outer planets are alike to but inner and outer planets are different.

They are very small compared to outer planets, mostly made up of rocks, closer to the sun and they do not have rings.

none of the inner planets have?

Inner planets are terrestrial planets outer are jovian planets

The inner planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.

Earth does not have inner or outer planets. Earth is one of the four inner planets.

The inner planets are rocky, and small. The inner planets are closet to Sun.

I hesitate to admit that I was raised on one of the inner planets. The inner planets are not gaseous, like the outer planets.

The inner planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars are are all relatively small, they are all rocky, they all have a relatively thin atmosphere.

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