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Answer 1 --Liability insurance vs comp.The quick answer is that you can have two types of car insurance. One kind called liability insurance only covers damage to another driver's car (and the hospitalization costs of injured parties) and if your car is totaled or you end up in hospital that's too bad for you.
If you have comprehensive insurance, then you are covered for everything, including the damage to your vehicle and hospitalization costs of parties in your vehicle. You can even file a comprehensive claim if there was no other vehicle involved and you drove off the road into a tree. Naturally, carrying comprehensive insurance is more expensive than liability. If you have any kind of loan outstanding on a car, then the company carrying the loan will require you to have comprehensive insurance in case you smash up what is essentially their car on loan to you until you pay it off.  Answer 2 - A different OpinonAnswer one is correct about liability coverage for both property damage and bodily injury to third parties, either in another vehicle, or within yours, IF your are determined responsible and liable for such damages.
Answer one is NOT CORRECT, however, regarding comprehensive coverage covering damage to you or "your" vehicle.
Most, if not all auto insurance policies DO NOT cover damage to your vehicle DUE TO COLLISION, under the "comprehensive" portion of their policies. The comprehensive portion of the policy generally reads "for any and all damage OTHER THAN COLLISION."
For collision damage, one must have specific, separate COLLISION COVERAGE.
Comprehensive coverage does cover most other things, such as falling or flying objects such as parts from an overhead airplane, rocks, hail, bird strikes, flying lawn furniture, garbage cans, tree limbs from a windstorm, etc., etc.
It also generally includes burglary, theft, vandalism [such as egging, keying, graffitti paint, bashing, etc.].
An insurance company I worked for many years ago even denied claims for "roadbed collision!" An example of roadbed collision would be caused by excessive speed while passing over a bad dip in a street, or a railroad crossing, resulting in the vehicle going "airborne" and landing so hard that the underside of the vehicle slams into the pavement, damaging the oil pan, undercarriage, or suspension. This was considered "collision damage," and therefore required collision coverage to be covered.j3h.
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