What is a computer hard disk drive?

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A computer hard disk drive is a piece of hardware which is a storage media device used for storing and retrieving digital information and files. It does this using rapidly rotating disks coated with magnetic material.
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How do you create different drives on a computer hard disk?

You do it by creating partitions on your hard drives. Partitions are typically created before the hard drive is formatted. Another option is to use a program like Partition Magic to edit partitions on your hard drive. You generally don't want to play around with your partitions too much after you ha ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of hard disk drive?

Answer . 1. Hard disk space is relatively cheap, as low as 13p per GB 2. Hard disks store data without the need for a constant electricity supply 3. Hard disks allow data to be stored in one place which is more convenient than using DVDs for example. 4 Hard drives have a read/write spee ( Full Answer )

What are the disadvantages of a hard disk drive?

Since your question only requests the disadvantages, they are as follows: Consumes alot of power, the resistance of shocks is low, data error rates are frequent, weight ratios are large, the size is large, can be hard to recover data from, (SCSI) controller cards may be required, loud mechanical noi ( Full Answer )

What does the computer hard disk do?

The computer's hard disk stores data - be that the operating system, application programs, documents or virtual memory. Stores data that needs to be kept between times when the computer is turned off.

How does a hard disk drive function?

\n . \nA hard disk is a device that is used to store large amounts of data in a computer system. Hard disks differ from other memory because they are non-volatile; they retain the data even when they do not have power. . The data, which can be either just informational data, or executable programs ( Full Answer )

Why replace a hard disk drive?

Several reasons the most common one would be to get more memory. Especially on some of the older computers that only come with 5 or less gigs of memory. I know I definatley need alot more than 5 gigs because that's not even enough to hold all of my music. Among others your hard drive may have broke ( Full Answer )

What is the function of a hard disk drive?

A hard disk drive is used to store data. That data includes theprograms you use. When someone says they are installing somethingon their computer, they usually mean they are installing it totheir hard drive, which is located inside their computer. In mostsituations, a hard drive is what loads the op ( Full Answer )

What do hard disk drives do?

hard disk drives (HDD) store all the data, operating systems (windows,mac etc) and all the files. HDD is the most important drive and there cannot be a PC without it.

What is an hard disk drive?

\nA hard drive is where all your data is stored, personal and system data. It is kept even when the PC is powered off unlike RAM. It is one of the most vital parts of your PC. Without it you could not store any files or install any application software let alone run it. Due to the sensative nature o ( Full Answer )

Do External and removable hard disks share a drive with multiple computers?

I presume you are asking if you can use an external drive on different computers? The simple answer is yes but you can't install programs on the external drive to run on other computers (except the one it was installed on), this is because programs spread themselves in different parts of the compute ( Full Answer )

What is the use of a hard disk in the computer?

The hard disk is the brain of the computer. It has the operating system installed in it to run the computer, and the data you provide goes into storage in the hard disk. With time, they become larger in capacity. What ARE the uses of a hard disk in the computer? To magnetically hold programs and ( Full Answer )

Does a bigger hard disk drive mean a faster computer?

\nNo. A bigger hard disk drive does not usually mean a faster computer. It only means that your computer can hold more data before it crashes. The speed of your central processing unit sometimes called your chip mainly determines the speed of your computer. While other factors enter in, it remains t ( Full Answer )

Why do computer have hard disk?

Hard Disks (or hard drives) are mainly used for Primary Storage. Typically most of the data on the computer, and the operating system, are stored on the harddrive. Without a hard drive or similar long-term storage, you would have to store data in RAM. RAM is volatile (temporary) memory which clears ( Full Answer )

Is the hard drive a disk drive?

Yes, a hard drive is more properly called a hard disk drive. They are not the same thing, but a hard disk drive is a type of disk drive, just like a floppy disk drive is another type, and just like a soft armor and hard armor are both types of armor. You can pretty much use "disk drive" and "drive" ( Full Answer )

What is a hard drive or hard disk drive?

A hard drive is the main component that the computer relies on. On the hard drive, the operating system is stored, also includes your pictures, videos, music, documents, etc. No operating system on hard drive? The computer will not work.

The purpose of a hard disk drive?

A hard disk drive is a http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Non-volatile_storage , http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Random_access device for digital data. It features rotating http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Hard_disk_platters on a motor-driven http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Spindle_(computer ) within a prot ( Full Answer )

What is the price for a hard disk drive?

It varies enormously; depending on the capacity of the drive, the type of drive and the quality of the manufacture. They cheapest drives, in bulk are only a few dollars each, whereas high quality drives, designed for servers will cost thousands of dollars.

What is the hard drive disk on the computer?

The Hard Disk Drive, or HDD, is typically the main storage device for most computers. The operating system (such as Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux), games, programs and applications, music, movies, etc. are all typically stored on the Hard Drive. Usually, the HDD is the largest storage device attach ( Full Answer )

Does the hard disk drive tell the computer what to do?

Partially. The answer is a little complicated as what a computerdoes is governed by a combination of hardware, firmware, andsoftware. Typically the Operating System or Boot Code can be stored on a harddisk drive, so in this way the hard drive tells the computer whatto do. However, there are comput ( Full Answer )

What is 'hard disk drive' in Italian?

" Disco rigido " is an Italian equivalent of "hard disk drive." The masculine noun " disco " means "record, disk." Its singular definite article is " il " ("the"), and its singular indefinite article " un , uno " ("a, one"). The masculine adjective " rigido " means "hard, rigid." Together, the pr ( Full Answer )

What is 'hard disk drive' in French?

" Disque dur " is a French equivalent of "hard disk drive." The masculine noun " disque " means "record, disk." Its singular definite article is " le " ("the"), and its singular indefinite article " un " ("a, one"). The masculine adjective " dur " means "rigid, hard." Together, the pronunciation i ( Full Answer )

Why a hard disk required to a computer?

Hard disk is used to store all files and information of your computer including operation system, application program and all of your files, information. if here is no hard disk, all files will no space to store, the system cannot be installed and used. hard disk capacity of the units is MB (megabyt ( Full Answer )

What is the use of computer hard disk?

Storage of anything that can't be kept in internal RAM. Some examples are: . Databases . The filesystem . OS . Virtual memory . etc. Also the one hard disk is usually used for all of these at the same time.

How you can make drive of hard disk in computer?

You create a directory, then get a big thing where you save your stuff onto, then save all you want onto it. Then wait for the hardrive and follow the instructions from there! Hope this helped:D

What is SATA hard disk drive?

SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, Serial ATA) was introduced in 2003 and is the most common technology for hard drive connectivity. Starting with revision 1.0, which transfers data at speeds up to 1.5 Gbps, SATA is now at revision 3 which transfers data at speeds up to 6Gbps. To und ( Full Answer )

How do you lock the Hard Disk of computer?

to lock the Hard Disk of a computer you have to change the settings of Group Policy. Here are the steps shown below to prevent access to your Hard Drive. Step1..Go to RUN and type GPEDIT.MSC. Step2.. After entering into the Group policy editor move to the USER CONFIGURATION. Step3. Enter into ( Full Answer )

How do you replace a hard disk drive?

The exact steps to replace a hard drive depend on the computer you are replacing it in. The general method is to open the computer and remove components until you get to access to the hard drive. Make sure you are grounded so you don't fry anything with a static shock.

What is the function of hard disk drives in a computer?

a hard disk drive is typically an electro-magnetic device which is used as a secondary storage in many computers. Compared to primary memory, HDDs own a huge data capacity but works slower than other memory devices. Since the technology is not so much advanced like a fast RAM storage, HDDs are low i ( Full Answer )

Can hard disk drives be rebuilt?

Technically, Yes, though it's expensive and a very precise science. as to go about doing it, I wouldn't recommend it for even some advanced computer technicians.

Why and or how did my hard drive get partitioned when I put full disk encryption on my computer?

That depends on encryption you are using. In any case OS creates partitions and formats it (or specialized software). Next if you have software encryption, than special driver is installed which either encrypted files or whole disk by intercepting read and write operations called by OS. If you have ( Full Answer )

Where can a hard disk drive be purchased?

Typically hard disk drives can be purchased at any electronics store, or online. You can even view most electronic store prices and products online as well, as most stores have an online web page.

How can one recover deleted computer files to the hard disk drive?

If one deletes a file from a computer and it is no longer in the recycle bin, the data still remains on the hard drive. One an use a file recovery system to attempt to recover the deleted file. When a file is deleted the sector on the hard drive is considered "free space" and as long as other mate ( Full Answer )

What is a Sata hard disk drive?

A Sata hard disk drive connects a host adapter to a mass storage device. Some of the main advantages of using a Sata are reduced energy cost, faster transfers of data, and higher signalling rates.

What does the computer hard disk or CPU do?

The computer hard disk and CPU have completely different purposes.Your question asks "or", so I will tell you that the hard diskstores data and programs. Having answered that the "or" means Imust not tell you what the CPU does.

How does a computer hard disk work?

A traditional hard disk works with electromagnetism. It uses a writing/reading arm with a electromagnet that willwrite/read data as magnetic fields onto platter(s).

What is hard disk in a computer?

A hard disk is a permanent storage device that (typically) usesmechanical and electromagnetic means to store data onto platters.