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What is a computer icon?

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A picture or graphical representation of an object on a display screen to which a user can point to with a device, such as a mouse, to select a particular operation or perform a certain action.

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differwnt between computer icon and folder icon?

Why is there no AOL icon in order to turn on computer?

You do not use an AOL icon to turn on a computer. In fact you would not even see the icon unless the computer is on and booted up.

Define my computer'' icon in computers?

An computer icon is collection of programs or futures that displays in a single file that display as icon

What is a icon in a church?

An icon, or ikon, is a religious picture. The computer 'icon' was named after it.

How do you remove this icon from your computer?

First you choose the icon that you want to delete.Next you find the "Recycle Bin" icon.Then click and drag the chosen icon to the "Recycle Bin" icon.That is how you would delete an icon off of your computer!

How you can find a computer icon in your Linux PC?

if u click in places menu you will get computer icon

What is an icon gives you access to the computer compnent it represents?

what is an icon gives you access to the computer components it represents?

How do you get to your cookies?

It is in My Computer or Computer Icon you can delete it in yools

Where is the paint icon on your computer?

The paint icon on your computer is most oftenly located in the start menu under accesorries. If you are unable to find the paint icon search for it using my computer or my documents or another search program.

What is a safari computer icon?

"Computer icon" is usually used to refer to an icon on the desktop (the place with all the images with text underneath them when there are no windows present on your computer)."Safari" is a web application created by apple which allows you to view web pages such as this one.

What does computer icon access?

A computer icon accesses the program that it is connected to. Any computer icon is in reality a shortcut or a signpost to a program or file that can be reached on the hard drive. Hopefully this helped you out any person willing to make changes is welcome as this IS NOT the textbook answer.

Can a disk be ejected by dragging the desk icon to the trash When using a mac computer?

When dragging the icon for a disc to the Trash icon in the Dock the Trash icon changes to an Eject icon. Placing the disc icon over the eject icon will eject the disc.

How do you change 'my computer' icon in vista?

Right-Click the desktopclick propertieslook to the top leftclick change desktop iconsclick the My Computer iconclick change icon

How much ram does my computer have?

right click on the "My Computer" icon and go to "properties"

In windows xp what icon is not found in the control panel window?

Answer is "a" my computer.a my computer

Which icon on your desktop do you click on to access all of the drives connected to your computer?


What displays the hierarchical of folders and drives on your computer?

Clicking on the "My Computer" icon on your desktop.

What is the difference between an active application and an icon?

The difference between an icon and active application is that an icon is a small image seen on a computer screen and it represents a program but is not running. An active application is one that is running in the foreground of a computer.

What is the mouse called when its on your computer screen?

it is called an icon

What is a buddy icon on a computer?

it is somthing that you save your things in

What is Tiny picture occurs on the computer screen?

an icon

How can you unzip a game and play it on your computer?

Click on icon

What was the first HP computer to have a brand name?


Can you remove the history icon from computer?

No, but you can clear history.

How do you download singing editing icon on a computer?