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What is a computer why it is known as data processor?


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A computer is known as a data processor because that's what it does. Process data (programs)


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A computer is an electronic device which manipulates or transforms data. it accepts data, stores data, process data according to a set of instructions, and also retrieve the data when required. Hence it is known as a data processor.

Data processors are just one of specialized computers mainly to process data. Not all the computers are Data processors, hence computer is NOT and should not be known as data processor. It is similar to say "Why is a human known as a male?"

The CPU is also known as the processor. A processor is the major factor to consider in how fast a computer can process data.

In the computer especially processor process the data given by the user . went the user inputs some data processor changes it into their codes formed because computer cannot understand our language and after processing the it gets provides the data as the output to the user

processor on which normal data is fetch and process on FIFO basis first in first out but a co processor is added to the computer to perform mathematical derivation ,graphic manipulation trigonometrical function .when these data is given to the computer the processor passes these data to the co processor to work with.

The major function of the processor in a computer is the operation controls and executions. The processor is essentially what controls the data coming in and going out of the computer system.

processor, computer, brain etc

Hi, As we all know, each computer has a processor and each processor has some registers to store the data which are being processed by the processor. Sometimes processor needs to copy/move data from one register to another to make space for new data. This data transfer between registers is called register data transfer. I hope this will help. Thanks,

Three elements of computer are 1-Input data 2-Processor 3-output data

Input devices connect to the computer and they pass data into the Processor where it can be processed.

when we say processor, it is the brain of computer, the word process it is also manipulate the data.....processing the data from hard disk or hard drive.

On a computer, a register is a part of the computer processor. Registers are small sets of data holding places. A processor register is available storage, like a CPU, that is part of the digital processor.

A processor is the thinking mechanism of the computer. While a Hard Drive/Disk holds the data of a computer, the processor is what 'thinks' and determines how to run whatever files are on your computer, as well as keeps them updated. Basically, if you have no processor, your computer will sit with a load of data and take no commands, do no thinking or display information. in simpler words it is the heart of the mahine without it you can't do anything.

The basic units of a computer are input, output, processor and storage. Input allows data input, processor processes this data, storage allows it to be stored, and output displays the results of processed data to the user.

the computer function processed data is displayed is known as...

computer processor perform the following task (a) data processing (b) data movement (c) control the movement of data within the system

If your question is whether registry is physical in computer processor, the answer is no.

The Processor is the brains of the computer to process the information. All of the data that you are working from is from the Hard Drive.

The three groups are Input devices, Output devices, and Processor. Input - A device that the user enters data to the computer. Output - A device that shows data to the user Processor - A computer component that is the "Brain" of the computer. It does the thinking for the computer at lighting fast speeds.

Yes, a calculator is considered a data processor. Anything that can use or hold data is considered to be a data processor. So yes, a calculator is a data processor.

This is known as the CPU, also known as the Central Proccessing Unit, or just Processor.

the data in a computer is stored in a device called the hard disk and its processed in the memory called random access memory(ram) by your processor.

Process,or existing computer instructions that manipulate data, results in useful output?

BUS speed is used to define how fast data can be copied from one area of the computer to another. The BUS speed can relate to data being moved between memory and the processor, for example. A processor can process at it's peak speed, but the BUS defines how fast the computer can FEED the processor. Two identical processors, one with a 533 mhz FSB and one with an 800 mhz FSB, the 800 mhx FSB will pass data to the processor faster.

A [micro]processor is just one component of a computer. In order to do any work, it needs both data (an input), and a place to put it (storage and output).

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