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A conscientious objector is one who refuses to take part in military service based on teachings of religion, personal conviction of conscience, or freedom of thought.

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Q: What is a conscientious objector?
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Who was a famous conscientious objector?

The actor Richard Dreyfus was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War.

How can one become a conscientious objector?

One can become a conscientious objector by following the Canadian Law Of Rights in chapter 241 of the book. There you will find everything you need to know and learn to become a perfect conscientious objector.

What are the release dates for The Conscientious Objector - 2004?

The Conscientious Objector - 2004 was released on: USA: March 2004

What did a conscientious objector do?

A conscientious objector is one who refuses to fight in a war due to moral and ethical beliefs. He must file his objector status with a branch of the government that deals with such issues.

World War 1 conscientious objector?

So far, the only conscientious objector during WW1 that I am sure of, is Dan West, founder of Heifer International. But because of him, I now know that there was actually such a thing as a conscientious objector during WW1. I did not know this before I read his biography, Passing On the Gift.

Is there a Summary of the poem The Conscientious Objector?

yes there might be!

What is the term for individuals opposed to war?

Conscientious objector .

What is a conscientious objector-?

A conscientious objector is a person that refused serving in the armed forces due to their own personal beliefs that war is wrong. May 15 is celebrated around the world by many organizations as International Conscientious Objectors Day.

21-letter word for How do you avoid the draft?

conscientious objector

What is a person that is against fighting?

A pacifist, or, in the military, a conscientious objector

One who refuses military service based on religion?

Conscientious objector.

Who was a famous conscientious objector in world war 2?

obviously Hitler

What famous athlete claimed to be a conscientious objector in Vietnam?

muhammed ali

Use conscientious in a sentence?

i am aconscientious objector

What does a conscientious objector do?

They perform alternative service usually in medical or mental health facilities.A conscientious objector (CO) is a person that will not carry arms but will instead help out in medical, kitchen or "non-bloody" work

What basketball player was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam war?

Larry nied

Was sir Edmund Hilary a conscientious objector?

yes he was a D Day Dodger

Why would a conscientious objector become a stretcher bearer?

Though the objector declined to take part in the killing contest, he would still be supporting the war.

What fact about Alvin York best explains why he was an unlikely war hero?

He was a conscientious objector when he was drafted apex

Our water is turned off in our area and surrounding areas. I work at a bank. Is it legal to make the employees work if no running water is available ?

Why would he/she want to? Conscientious objector does not believe in killing or a particular war and has to have proof of his/her belief. Does he/she know what it means to be a conscientious objector?

What actors and actresses appeared in Blood Makes the Grass Grow - 1997?

The cast of Blood Makes the Grass Grow - 1997 includes: Aimee Allison as Herself (conscientious objector, USAR) George Bush as Himself (speech on Desert Storm) Colleen Gallagher as Herself (conscientious objector, USNR) Tahan Jones as Himself (conscientious objector, USMCR) John Kramer as Narrator Ronald Kuby as Himself (attorney) Charles Moskos as Himself (military policy advisor) Kweisi Raghib Ehoize as Himself (conscientious objector, USMC) Hillary Richard as Herself (attorney) Norman Schwarzkopf as Himself (address at West Point)

What does the poem conscientious objector mean?

its referring to someone that has serious mentality issues. Example yourself...

What was a conscientious objector of the vietnams war?

Men that were protected from the military draft; normally "men of the cloth." (Religious).

Refesual to fight in war?

A person who refused to fight in the war was termed a conscientious objector.

One who refuses military services on the basis of religion?

A person that refuses to join the military on the basis of religious beliefs is normally referred to as a conscientious. They can also be called a Conscientious Objector.