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Bribes are illegal so they would be called before a special committee and asked to resign. They are also facing criminal charges.

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Q: What is a consequence is the Congress person is caught accepting bribes?
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Who was caught taking bribes from the Sardians?

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Were there many scandals during the Harding administration?

Yes, there were; in fact, some historians believe Harding's administration was one of the most corrupt. Part of this was due to Harding's willingness to hire his friends and look the other way when they did wrong; Harding himself did not seem to profit from most of the wrongdoing-- he just couldn't discipline his friends, several of whom were caught accepting bribes and kickbacks, and one was even guilty of fraud. Among the biggest scandals in Harding's presidency was the Teapot Dome scandal, which involved public officials taking bribes and making questionable decisions about leasing government property.

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