What is a cornucopia?


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A horn-shaped basket that contains fruits used to represent Thanksgiving Day.


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The noun 'cornucopia' is a standard collective noun for a cornucopia of slugs.

A cornucopia, or horn of plenty, is a symbol of abundance and nourishment. It is a horn shaped container that is filled with fruit, nuts, or flowers.Example sentences:The cornucopia was filled will all kinds of fruit and nuts.Margrethe placed the cornucopia on the table for Thanksgiving.We saw a cornucopia that was made from bread.

District 3: The girl died at the Cornucopia. District 4: The boy died at the Cornucopia. District 5: The boy died at the Cornucopia. District 6: The boy died at the Cornucopia. The girl died at the Cornucopia. District 7: The boy died at the Cornucopia. The girl died at the Cornucopia. District 8: The boy died at the Cornucopia. The girl died when the Careers and Peeta killed her after she lit a fire near Katniss's tree. District 9: The girl died at the Cornucopia. District 10: This guy died at the Cornucopia. The girl died at the Cornucopia.

Cornucopia is a " Horn of Plenty"

Cornucopia is only a mythological phantasy.

The address of the Cornucopia Historic Green Shed Museum is: Po Box 206, Cornucopia, WI 54827

Her symbol is a stalk of wheat not a cornucopia

The Greeks where the first people who had the cornucopia!!!!

If you have a cornucopia in RuneScape, you can fill it with lots of food to heal you. Killer5x8

As the giver of wealth, pouring fertility from a cornucopia.

A cornucopia "horn of plenty" represents food.

No, cornucopia is a common noun for a "horn of plenty".

Greece. Cornucopia was the horn of the goat who suckled Zeus.

cornucopia, horn of plenty = la corne d'abondance

A Christmas Cornucopia was created on 2010-11-12.

She takes a red backpack, a rope, and corn from the cornucopia.

A cornucopia is a symbol meaning abundance or plentiful. An example of a sentence would be: "The family had a cornucopia of food on the table at Thanksgiving".

The cornucopia is a goat's horn filled with food dating back to Greek mythology. The cornucopia is a symbol of harvest, abundance indelibly linked, and wealth.

The cornucopia or Horn of Plenty was first possessed by the Greek God Zeus.

The common words that rhyme with cornucopia are utopia, myopia, and the proper noun Ethiopia.

Cornucopia - album - was created on 19-08-18.

The cornucopia you see most often which is a horn shaped basket filled with produce would be an example of a heterogeneous mixture of items. Cornucopia actually refers to an abundance of anything so if you had an abundance of water for example that would be a homogeneous cornucopia.

The Cornucopia represents the Harvest the Districts have after each Hunger Games. The Cornucopia is shaped like a horn with round edges and is gold, that's shining brightly.

In Greek mythology the Cornucopia is the symbol of prosperity and was said to bring all that is desired to the owner.

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