What is a crepe myrtle?

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Q: What is a crepe myrtle?
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What is the difference between a crepe myrtle bush and a crepe myrtle tree?

A trunk.

Is the crepe myrtle a monocot or dicot?

The Crepe Myrtle is a dicot belonging to class Magnoliopsida.

Is it Crepe Myrtle or Crete Myrtle?

Neither; It's crape myrtle.

Is a crepe myrtle a tree?

There are several different species of Crepe Myrtle; some are trees, and some are shrubs.

Is crepe myrtle poisonous to humans?


What is the difference between a crepe-myrtle bush and a crepe-myrtle tree?

The difference is in the pruning. You have to prune the crepe myrtle to have a single main stem to become a tree. If it has several main stems, it becomes a bush.

What is the life span of a crepe myrtle?

My crepe myrtle died this year. It would have been at least 50 years old.

What is the domain for a crape myrtle?

The domain for a crepe myrtle, as a plant, is Eukaryota.

Can crepe myrtle be planted in New Jersey?


What do you call a tree with no bark?

crepe myrtle

What is the crepe myrtle capital of the world?


Crepe myrtle bush turning yellow?


Is crepe myrtle ground cover poisonous to horses?

No, crepe myrtle is not toxic to horses. However, if a horse eats too much it can cause mild gastrointestinal upset.

What is the Cluster of grey bugs on crepe myrtle?

They are Bark Lice

How close to a house can you plant a crepe myrtle?

As close as you like.

Are crepe myrtle shrubs poisonous?

No, crepe myrtle shrubs are not poisonous. The shrubs, also named crape myrtle commonly and Lagerstroemia indicascientifically, do not poison domesticated animals, livestock or people. The conclusion holds for contact and for ingestion.

Are crepe myrtle trees toxic to goats?

Not sure about that... I am sure the goats are toxic to the crepe myrtles if you give them the chance...

What is the life span of crepe myrtle?

On average 75 years old

Do crepe myrtle flowers stain cars and other items?

yes, they do!

Where is the crepe myrtle usually found?

Originally from Asia, Crepe Myrtle (aka Crape Myrtle) was brought to to England and the United States in the eighteenth century and is now grown in warm climates around the world. In the US it is found as far north as Massachusetts.

Is crepe myrtle deciduous or conifer?

Everyone who wants to know this you all suck!

What division is Crepe Myrtle?

Angiosperms is the division to which the crepe myrtle belongs.Specifically, a plant can be grouped as either an angiosperm or a gymnosperm. The former represents the division of flowering plants. The plant in question also will be found identified by the alternate spelling crape myrtle and the scientific name Lagerstroemia.

Is crepe myrtle a good place for Kids ?

Well, crepe myrtle is a great place for kids because it serves food that is directed towards a younger audience too. They also offer their food and services for an incredibly reasonable price.

What is the crepe myrtles habitat?

crepe myrtles are very beutiful flower blooming plants to have. it doesnt really matter when you move a crepe myrtle, just dont do it while its young. p.s. thanks for reading!

Is a crepe myrtle's leaf blade lobed or not lobed?

Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) has a simple entire (smooth edges, without lobes or teeth) leaf type.