Alligators and Crocodiles

What is a crocodiles habitats?

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Some live merely in water while some live in sanctuaries where many can protect them. Some were just nowhere.

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What are crocodiles habitats?


Does estuaries have crocodiles?

One of their main habitats

What the crocodiles Habit?

Crocodiles habitats are usually Swamps,Lagoons,And far out in some lakes.

What is the crocodiles environment?

Crocodiles tend to congregate in freshwater habitats like rivers, lakes, wetlands, etc.

Can crocodiles swim in fresh water?

yes crocodiles resemble in habitats of freshwater like dwarf crocs and niles,crocodiles can live in freshwater and saltwater

Why do crocodiles have wet habitats?

so then they can ambush their prey by hiding in the water

What is a crocodiles enemy?

In terms of natural enemies, crocodiles have none. In their natural habitats, crocodiles are typically the top of the food chain. Even in Africa, meetings with predators such as the lion are rare.

Why do crocodiles live in wet habitats?

so then they can ambush their prey by hiding in the water

How do you save endangered American crocodiles?

Stop polluting, hunting, and removing their habitats

Why are crocodiles and alligators rarely seen together?

Because their natural habitats are thousands of miles apart !

Do crocodiles love to eat platypuses?

Platypuses have been known to be taken by freshwater crocodiles in north Queensland. Generally, platypuses and crocodiles do not occupy the same habitat, as platypuses require freshwater and Estuarine crocodiles live in saltwater habitats. Also, crocodiles and platypuses only have their habitat overlap in northern Queensland.

What are Australian crocodiles' habitat?

Australian saltwater crocodiles live along the northern coast, in rivers, estuaries, and mangrove swamps. Freshwater crocodiles live in freshwater habitats of northern Australia, but further inland than the saltwater crocodile.

What are crocodile habitats?

Crocodiles can be found (Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Australia, North and South American) in wet habitats such as rivers, lakes, swamps, ponds, waterholes, marshes and wetlands.

What are the most common habitats for crocodiles?

River systems, and tropical coastlines are the normal haunts, but are also found in large lakes, particularly in Africa.

Why are crocodiles and alligators different?

Crocodiles and alligators are distant cousins with some differences. Alligators have wide U-shaped snouts, while the snouts of crocodiles are V-shaped. Some crocodiles prefer to live in saltwater habitats, while alligators most often have freshwater homes. You can find alligators only in the United States and China. Crocodiles live in Mexico, Central America, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

Do hippos have enemies?

Yes Calves are in danger from Hyenas, Lions and Crocodiles. The adults are usually to big to handle. They are all in danger from mankind who are clearing away their habitats

What is a collective noun for crocodiles?

The collective nouns for crocodiles are:a float of crocodilesa bask of crocodilesa congregation of crocodilesa nest of crocodiles

What can you do to save the crocodile?

We must:Protect Crocodile Habitats - Avoid pollution of rivers and other water bodies where crocodiles liveProtect Crocodile Prey - Avoid over fishing in water bodies that are inhabited by crocodilesProtect Crocodiles from Poaching & Hunting by setting up vigilance patrols and rangers & Punish individuals who indulge in poaching of crocs

Is float a collective noun for crocodiles?

Yes, the standard collective nouns for crocodiles are:a float of crocodilesa bask of crocodilesa congregation of crocodilesa nest of crocodiles

Why do crocodiles like to live in slimy habitats?

its just how they've always been. i have a croc and she loves her rock cave. i think it gives them more protection and more of a hiding spot.

Are crocodiles fish?

No, crocodiles are not fish. Crocodiles are reptiles.

What are cold blooded crocodiles called?

They are just called crocodiles because all crocodiles are cold-blooded. Although they are called crocodiles, there are different species of crocodiles.

What is the Crocodile's family history?

Crocodiles, alligators, gharials & caimans are all of the same Crocodilia family. They evolved from marine crocodiles and, over time, divided and adapted to their habitats - the nile and saltwater crocodiles are big and muscular so that they can take down prey such as wildebeests, whereas others like the dwarf crocodile are small and nimble, enabling for swift and easy kills on smaller animals (and sometimes insects!) Hope that helped :)

Are freshwater habitats independent of terrestrial habitats?

No, freshwater habitats are not independant of terrestrial habitats.

Why are habitats threatened?

Why are there threatened habitats? how Why are there threatened habitats? how

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