What is a crown princess vs princess?

A Crown Princes is either the wife of a Crown Prince (Crown Princess Mary of Denmark) or heir to the throne in her own right (Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden).

A Princess is either a daughter, spouse or realitive of a monarch such as Anne, Princess Royal whom is th daughter of the Queen whether Princess Alexandra is the cousin of the Queen.

Both usually carry the title of "Royal Highness"in their name and a territory following i.e Princess Beatrice of York.

A Princess doest have to have the word 'Crown' in front of their title to be considerd a future Queen because it all depends on the country. Their are many Princesses who dont have 'Crown' in their title and will one day be Queen of their respected countries such as Their Royal Highnesses Princess Letezia of Austrias (Spain), Princess Maxima of the Netherlands and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge as the future Princess of Wales and Queen of the United Kingdom.