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Software that is designed specifically for a particular use or company, and is not of interest to a wide range of people is custom made. A company may need software to do some very specific job and there is nothing that can be bought that will do it. So what they will do is get some software specially made for them. That is custom made software.

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Q: What is a custom made software?
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What is another name for tailor made software?

Custom software

What is custom made software?

Custom made software refers to a program or application that is specifically designed to meet a particular need. Some organizations will need customized software for their operations.

What is custom software?

Custom software is a designing of a website or a software app thatÕs established for a specific company or user. It is tailor-made for the needs of the people who will engage into this software.

Where can I have a Custom Adhesive Label made?

You can make your own custom labels with software from Avery. When you buy Avery labels you can download the software and design a custom label for your business.

What is tailor made software?

Tailor made software is software that is made to the specifications of a client. In other words it is custom made, bespoke, or 'tailored' to address a specific need.

How are custom written tailer model software different from customised software?

This is like this If somebody wants an already existing standard software to customize it to suit his needs, this is called a customized software eg: Tally software (an accounting software) customized to suit various clients as per the requirements Custom software or custom made software or tailormade software is one where the developer develops the software keeping in mind the specific requirement of the client so that the same can be used specifically by him. Making a custom made software is going to be an expensive affair, though that is the best way you can get the desired software according to the needs

What is the difference between package software and custom software?

The difference between package and custom software is that custom software is not brought off the shelf and package software is brought off the shelf.

What is the most expensive custom made software ever made?

Probably some of the developed for satellites(may be Hubble), that is a very expensive piece of software and it needs to be custom. It requires a lot of develop and another huge work on testing, software can't fail on the space!

What is customized software?

Custom software is a designing of a website or a software app thatÕs established for a specific company or user. It is tailor-made for the needs of the people who will engage into this software.

Advantages and disadvantages of custom-made software?

custom written software is a software that hardly people can use and also more expensive Well that doesnt make sense. Custom written software is very expensive so not many people use it but the companies that do use it can get specific buiness needs using the program

Why would you choose custom software over custom of the shelf software?

Custom software allows you to control all aspects of a software application that is specifically built to support your business process. Off the Shelf Software, allows a certain amount of flexibility, but will require you to conform to processes that the system allows. The difference is like between bespoke made suit and a ready to go t-shirt.

What are the differences between ready-made software and custom-made software?

Should I go for readymade software or custom software in 2020? In the emerging trend, every business has required software to automate their business easily and accurately. The company has only two options, either go for buy readymade software or to develop custom software from scratch which is suitable for their business. Readymade software and custom software both have merits and demerits. If the company is decided to go for custom software, then they should prepare for budget, hire people, develop, deliver and maintain the software. They must focus on the complete life cycle and can’t predict the final product progress will be a success or failure. We would suggest small businesses to go for readymade software, I will explain how? Yes, now there are companies like Coderobotics are offering readymade software along with its source code. The company has no risk now to buy readymade software with code. Even they can add/ modify features since they will have a full copy of source code. We have explained how readymade software and custom software differ based on a few important factors. Difference between readymade software and custom software Coderobotics is a hook for small businesses and helps startups to upscale easily with our proven readymade software and highly customizable source code. We are trying to reduce your development time and cost, and you can customize the code for your market if needed, and release your own software in a week.

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