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damper is a Australian bread.That is a type of food from Australia.

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Q: What is a damper?
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What is another name for harmonic balancer?

AKA, crank pulley damper, crankshaft damper, torsional damper, or vibration damper.

How is damper made from grass seeds?

well they pick grass and put it in the damper and mix it and it becomes damper

Where did damper originate from?

Damper originated form Australia

How do remove and replace a strut on a 97 Nissan Sentra GXE?

Honda calls it a damper. If you want the front damper. Remove the brake hose clamps from the damper remove the damper pinch bolt (on the bottom). Remove the damper fork bolt. then remove the damper by removing the two 10 mm nuts on top. Do not try to Disassemble the Damper without a spring compressor.

What is a damper pull used for?

A damper will help to reach the damper without getting burned and keep your hands free of soot.

What is the meaning of a chimney cap damper?

A top damper or cap damper is a metal spring door placed at the top of the chimney with a long metal chain that allows one to open and close the damper from the fire place.

Discuss how effective a car suspension damper would be if the oil in the damper was replaced by oil that was much more viscous?

The effectiveness of a car suspension damper after exchanging the oil in the damper with oil that is much more viscous is increased. The viscous oil gives a smoother and a more powerful effect to the suspension damper.

What is the difference between damper and bread?

The difference between bread and damper is simply just that damper is traditionally cooked on the ashes of the fire and sometimes has baking soda .

What are the differences between a damper and a Louvre regulating unit?

what are the difference between a damper and louver

What do you call a silencing pad for a piano string?

The parts to which you are referring are the damper and damper pad.

Use the word damper in a sentence?

When you press the pedals on a piano, you control the damper on the strings.

What is a damper in automobile?

The "balancer" mounted to the front of the crankshaft is also called a vibration damper.

What Aboriginal tribes ate damper bread?

Damper was a European invention, so traditional Aborigines did not eat damper. Aboriginal tribes would make their own breads out of seed of plants they collected, but they did not make damper from flour and water as Europeans did.

What is the common point between a vegemite and a damper?

there is none other then damper is a bread that can be spread with vegemite.

How does a fire damper work?

In the event of fire, the fusible link melts and the shutter gets closed. This helps in blocking the fire from spreading through the duct ----- If you are asking about a damper on a stove or chimney, that is not called a fire damper, but just a damper. There is a link to a question on that below.

How do you get a chimney damper to stay closed?

Most dampers are designed to close DOWN, and are kept closed by the weight of the damper. Get a pair of safety glasses and a flashlight, check for foreign material or mortar that may be keeping the damper from seating, and that the metal of the damper plate is not warped.

What does a Steering damper on a VW bus do?

A steering damper serves the same purpose as a shock absorber. Dennis

What year was damper invented?

The First Known/Recorded Use Of Damper Was In 1707, it was mostly eaten by Stockmen.

What is a damper flapper?

The damper flapper is what Al Butz created in 1885 that was the basis of the company Honeywell Inc.

Where is the heater damper on 1995 Buick Le Sabre?

location of heater damper on 1995 buick lesabre

When did virgie ammons invent her fireplace damper?

Virgie ammons invented the fireplace damper in September 30,1975

Which plant native to Australia can be used to make damper?

Generally, no Australian plant is used to male damper. Damper is a simple bread made from flour and water, cooked in a campfire. However, if one has patience and the know-how, one can crush wattle (acacia) seeds to make damper.

What is a damper in a piano?

Damper- It is a damper consisting of a small felted block that drops onto a piano string to stop it's vibration. In other words a damper peddle is the Sustain peddle Sustain - to hold, to keep going holding the note further through other notes played

How is damper made?

Damper is an unleavened Australian bread. It is made in a pot or a stick over top of the coals of a campfire.

Will a balance damper from a 1989 305 engine fit in a 1987 305 engine?

yes the balance damper will be the same