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What is a deadly kind of skin cancer?


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Melanoma is the most dangerous of all deadly skin cancers. It is 100% curable though if you get your skin and moles (most common form of melanoma) checked by your dermatologist regulary.

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any kind of cancer is deadly

Yes. If skin cancer is not treated, it can spread to internal organs and become deadly.

There are many different types of skin cancer. I suggest you do a search for "different kinds of skin cancer" to find out about all the different types.

Cancers are different, both in type an in event. Some are very fatal, other offer decent survival chances. One of those cancers that are really deadly and appears often is the Melanoma skin cancer, also called ´´Black skin cancer´´.

Melanoma is a tumor of melanin-forming cells, typically a malignant tumor associated with skin cancer.

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Bone cancer can be deadly but it is not always. If it is deadly or not will depend on the type of bone cancer, where the cancer is located, treatment received, and the stage of the cancer.

Skin cancer can present in many forms, the most deadly being melanoma. Please consult with your physician or dermatologist as soon as possible to get a proper diagnosis.

Malignant melanoma

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Cancer of the heart can be deadly if not treated.

excces of sun rays can give you skin cancer.

Yes. Any form of prolonged UV ray exposure will lead to skin cancer. In fact, not even being in the tanning booth but walking outside without a hat can increase the risk of melanoma (a deadly type of skin cancer).

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ALL cancers are deadly. There are three types of skin cancer. Basal Cell Carcinoma(BCC), Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) , and Maligant Melanoma. BCC and SCC are ususally not fatal unless they have metastasized (spread to other parts of the body). Melanoma is responsible for 75% of deaths due to skin cancer, but if it is caught early it can be easily cured with a minor surgery.

The number one most deadly cancer is lung and bronchial cancer.

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Basal cell skin cancer generally does not spread (although it has in some rare cases). Squamous cell skin cancer is typically not dangerous, although more agressive than basal cells. But any type of skin cancer should be removed as it can cause serious problems, and possibly lead to death in rare cases. Melanoma is the deadly one, but is curable early on.

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