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What is a deadly viral disease that has no cure?


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Avian flu, HIV Aids, Ebola, And many more.


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Mad Cow Disease, Viral STD's, Some forms of cancer, particularly in later stages, etc.

which disease are you talking about as cervical cancer now has a half cure

no viral disease has a cure because viruses do not have anything to target like bacteria.

No cure. It's a viral disease, not bacterial, so once you have it, you have it for the rest of your life.

there is no cure so the best thing to do is bed rest.

well, seeing how hpv is a viral disease, there is no cure for it whether it be oral or anything else. its something that stays with you forever.

E.coli can be very deadly. It is a horrifying disease that you do not want to get. I (unknown) am trying to find a cure and solution to this terrible problem.

Sleep apnea is potentially deadly because you can die if you stop breathing in your sleep. Sleep apnea is not contagious, since it is physiological, not a viral or bacterial disease.

yes,it is a viral disease

A respiratory disease caused by a viral infection. It is an acute febrile disease (gives a high fever), highly contagious, and can be deadly especially to the elderly and babies.

One way is to find a cure for deadly or epidemic disease.

Rabies is a viral disease.

Measles is a viral disease.

Any disease caused by viral infection.

cause if you do have a disease then the doctor can cure you. Because some diseases can be deadly so its best to get blood test so they can cure you.

(noun or noun adjunct) "The disease spread rapidly and there was no cure." "Measles is a viral disease that usually affects children." "The disease organism in many of the cases was a mutated bacteria."

Polio is a viral disease.

No cure, it is viral. However vaccination has eliminated it.

No , it needs anti viral drugs .

When you are exposed or have contracted a deadly virus that causes a disease with no known cure or if your disease prognosis is poor or bad that you are just waiting for your end of the line.

HIV is a viral infectionIts a viral disease

The black plague was a deadly disease that was highly contagious. It was apparently a painful way to die if you caught it. There was no cure

Rabies is a viral disease.

Mumps is a viral disease/

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