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What is a dealer sticker price?

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Usually on a supplemental sticker, the dealer sticker price for a new car is the Monroney sticker price (MSRP) plus the suggested retail price of dealer-installed options, such as additional dealer markup (ADM) or additional dealer profit (ADP), dealer preparation, and undercoating. The "Sticker" Price is the highest "asking" price on a new or used car. Years ago there were no MSRP or Monroni info/pricing on new cars.These stickers are "mandated" by the government now to protect the public. This MSRP Price is also (and more importantly) the amount the lenders (Banks) will loan you. In the old days the Bank would loan $ based on the consumers individual "Credit" rating. Not based on the cars worth. Obvious Problems occurred Sticker price is a slang term and could be anything that is displayed on the car (windshield) in a form of a "sticker" of some kind. 1. It could be MSRP, if the "sticker" is by a Manufacturer. 2. It could be some kind of inflated price, depending on the state and country laws where you reside. 3. And it could be a bone fide sale price, if that is what the dealership wants to do.

2004-10-11 18:40:21
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Which of the following describes the dealer sticker price of a vehicle?

the (MSRP) sticker price plus the suggested retail price of dealer-installed options...

What is the dealer sticker price of a vehicle?

The sticker price is the manufactures suggested retail price (MSRP). Only vehicle that are in very high demand will sell at sticker price.

What best describes the dealer sticker price of a vehicle?

Monroney Sticker or M.S.R.P StickerThe Dealer sticker price of a vehicle is the suggested retail asking price of the vehicle. The new car sticker price is normally set by the manufacture. Used car sticker prices are set by the actual dealer. Most new and used car dealerships will negotiate the retail price listed on the dealer sticker. Some new and used car dealerships will add an addendum sticker to the Dealer sticker (Monroney Sticker or M.S.R.P Sticker). This is normally high profit margin accessories that have been added by the dealer to increase profit margins when the vehicle is sold.The "Addendum Sticker Scam" is a very common car dealer scam, you can read more about it here by following the added link below.Car Buying Tip: You should never offer to pay the dealer suggested retail sticker price for a new or used vehicle. The best way to protect yourself from over-paying for a new or used car is to educate yourself before contacting a new or used car dealership.

How do you describe the dealer sticker price of a vehicle?

MSRP, or Manufactures Suggested Retail Price.

The sticker price on a new van is 27489 The dealer is willing to sell it for 90 percent of the sticker price How much would a buyer pay for the van at this price?


What is the sticker price on a new van is 27489 The dealer is willing to sell it for 90 percent of the sticker price how much would a buyer pay for the van at this price?


Can they charge you more than the price on the car sticker?

Yes. The sticker lists the MSRP(Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price), the dealer is not obligated to follow it.

How much would you pay for a new car with a sticker price of 14289.00 if the dealer agrees to sell the car at 90 percent of the sticker price?

12860.1 + Taxes, Fees and Charges

How do I find the price a dealer paid for a car?

The price a dealer pays for a car is the wholesale price. This information can be found through websites such as Why Pay Sticker? ( or Wholesale Car Prices (

Can you return a car if sticker price they quote is more than the accual sticker price?

No. Sticker price is only a suggested retail price and if the dealer is able to sell the car for more it is just more money in his pocket. Unfortunately the issue falls back on you for not shopping around for the best price or negotiating a better price. In addition when a new car hits the market and is a highly desirable model dealers often get well over sticker. Example of that being the new Camaro which, when they first came out, dealers were getting $10,000 or more over sticker. Fast forward several months now I have a local dealer with 30 in stock and they will gladly deal with you for sticker or less.

What is dealer sticker price of a vehicle?

It depends on the dealer and vehicle. Usually the mark ups the dealer add on like special mats, wheels, accessories and market mark up etc...

What is a sticker price of an vehicle?

The sticker price is the full retail price of a vehicle.

What was the original sticker price of a 1991 Honda CRX-si?

$10,750.00 (purchased originally from Honda dealer)

In new car sales, how much does sticker price generally vary from MSRP?

The MSRP or manufacturer's suggested retail price is the same as the 'sticker price' since MSRP is required to be displayed. It will include the 'base price' which is without additional options. 'Dealer invoice' is generally what the manufacturer charges.

What is a car's Invoice pricing?

The invoice price is the price the dealer pays the maker of the car. It's also the price the dealer will pay a percentage of interest on while the car is in their inventory. The invoice price the the most ideal price you can achieve while negotiating. As the dealer doesn't make anything on the sale. You should always talk up from the invoice instead of talking down from the retail/sticker price.

If the dealer says a new car had light body damage and was repaired can they still charge sticker price?

They can charge whatever they want.

How much did your Honda Accord cost new in 1998 It is a Ex L V6 fully loaded?

$ 24,635 was the sticker price.$ 24,635 was the sticker price.

What is the original sticker price of a 1991 Porsche 944 Cabriolet?

I have a 1991 944S2 Cabriolet and still have the window sticker. The price on the window sticker is $53,000.

How do I find an original sticker price?

original sticker price for a ford f350 1994 dually xlt

What was the price for 1953 Corvette?

The original sticker price is $3,498.

Are the stickers car dealers put on cars legal?

Yes, the dealer can charge whatever he wants for the vehicle. The sticker put on by the manufacturer is the manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP). The dealer can go up from this price or he can go down from this price. It strictly depends on supply and demand. However you as a consumer can walk away from any dealership where you feel that the dealer is charging too much. The buyer always has the last word.

Monroney Sticker Price of a vehicle?

the base price and the manufacturer's price installed options.....

What is the cost of a Volvo xc90?

"A 2012 Volvo xc90 at sticker is $39,275. Prices will vary from dealer to dealer, so be prepared to pay more or less depending on your area's taxes and fees. One can get a good price on this vehicle can depend on negotiations."

Is the total price of a car the sticker price?

no! go to and search the exact car you are looking to buy and find the best price in your area. the sticker price is what they want to cheat you out of. for example; if the sticker said $30,838, the car is probably worth $28,000ish. you just have to get your act together, be firm, and negotiate a reasonable price

What are the most affordable new models offered at an Audi dealer now?

According Audi of USA .com the most affordable model is the Audi A3, it has a sticker price of $27,270.