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a forest in North America or Russia that loses its leaves every fall season

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What is the biome of a Maple Tree?

Decidous forest

What are some Decidous forest animals?


What Biome is characterized by broadleaved trees?

the decidous forest

What plants live in the decidous forest?

Decidous forests consist of broad leafy trees such as oak, hickory, ash, and beech.

What are some catastrophic events in the deciduous forest?

Decidous forest are cut down for farming.

What is the biome of Afghanistan?


What kind eocsystem are there?

Boreal Forest/Taiga, Decidous Forest, Tundra, Desert, Tropical Forest. I believe that is all.

What biome does trees lose their leaves in the winter?

temperate decidous forest

What biome is Georgia?

Georgia is a Decidous Forest Biome

What is the decidous forest?

A deciduous forest is a forest the contains trees that lose their leaves in the winter so i hope this helps u

What are the most endangered species in deciduous forest?

The endangered flying mammal in the Decidous Forest is the Bald Eagle.

What biome the Bahamas have?

I looked at a world map of Biomes and it says that The Bahamas is in the tropical Decidous Forest Biome.

What food webs occur in Tropical Dry Forest?

Well im doing this project too. Try typing in Decidous Forest instead they are the same things.

Order biomes from wettest to driest?

1.desert 2.tundra 3.boreal forest 4.grassland 5.temperate decidous forest

What type of people live in the coniferous forest?

A lot of places in the United States are part of the Coniferous Forest. Part of the Coniferous Forest are the Decidous. So it would be people who live on the EAST side of the U.S.A

Does a Deciduous forest have pine trees?

not sure what i read in my reader was it has no pine trees in decidous forests instead they are found in mountain forests......

Is rubber tree deciduous?


Is sal an evergreen or deciduous?


Is a Crocus coniferous or deciduous?

Decidous O

What animals live in the decidous forest?

There are many different types of animals that live in the decidous forest biome but the most common are: 1.) The American Bald Eagle 2.) American Black Bear 3.)Coyote 4.)Duckbill Platypus 5.)Eastern Chipmunk 6.)European Red Squirrel 7.)Fat Dormouse 8.)Least Weasel 9.)White-tailed Deer Source: Save ge.htm

Does a decidous tree drop it's leaves?


What types of plants grow in north Korea?

Decidous trees

Do tigers live in deciduous forests?

yes temperate decidous forests

What is the number of decidous teeth?

20 and its dental formula is 2102/2102

Is a willow tree decidous?

yes look on wikipedia for more info

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