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A devoted Mormon is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) who actively practices their religion and participates in their congregation.

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What is a list of celeberty people who are Mormon?

Check out the "Related Link" below for a website devoted entirely to Mormon celebrities.

How do you know if a Mormon missionary likes you?

A Mormon Missionary doesn't like you, and if he/she did, it wouldn't matter. Mormon Missionaries have devoted a period of their lives to serving Jesus Christ and do not have relationships, be alone with a members of the opposite sex, or even do anything that isn't community service or teaching the Gospel.

Is devoted an adjective?

Yes, "devoted" is an adjective.

What is Antarctica is devoted to?

Antarctica is devoted to science.

What is the ISBN of Devoted?

The ISBN of Devoted is 1442408553.

Is devoted a verb?

yes it is.It is the past tense of devote.eg. She devoted herself to her career.Devoted is also an adjective.eg. They are devoted to their children.

What is the most devoted religion?

There is no such thing as a most devoted religion. It is the people that believe in it that are devoted. Each would claim their own adherents were the most devoted.

What is a sentence for the word devoted?

He devoted his life to his work.

What is devoted in Tagalog?

The word "devoted" in Tagalog is "mapagmahal."

What was life like on the Mormon?

What do you mean, on the Mormon? Mormon was a prophet who wrote in and compiled the Book of Mormon.

How do you use devoted in a sentence?

I would you devoted in this sentence below. "I am devoted to my husband/wife for as long as i shall live"

Is Senator Harry Reid an atheist?

No. Harry Reid is a MormonNo. Harry Reid is a MormonNo. Harry Reid is a MormonNo. Harry Reid is a Mormon

What does dovoted mean?

I think you mean Devoted. Devoted means dedicated

What is the Tagalog or Filipino word of devoted?

Tagalog translation of DEVOTED: nilaan

What was the Mormon trail?

The Mormon trail is the trail the Mormon pioneers took to have a better life.

Make a sentence using the word devoted?

Amit is very devoted to his parents

Is Ray Allen a Mormon?

Yes, he is a Mormon

Is jennifer stone Mormon?

She is a practicing Mormon.

Is Derek Hough Mormon?

I'm pretty sure he was raised Mormon, but is not a practicing Mormon anymore.

Did Mormon beckworth make the Mormon trail?

Uhh, I don't know who "mormon beckworth is, but the term "Mormon" comes from the "Book Of Mormon", which is a sacred text to the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS). Mormon is a slang reference to LDS.

How can you use the word devoted in a sentence?

The student devoted his college years to studying to be a dentist

Who knows a Mormon?

I happen to be mormon.... I'm one.

Was Jack Dempsey Mormon?

Yes but not a practicing Mormon.

Is Robert patteson Mormon?

No, Robert Pattinson is not Mormon.

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